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Hello everyone,

  I decided to post this in the Game Guides for anyone who might be passing by...

  We may issue a temperary kinhouse chest LOCKDOWN, due to a high volume of accounts that may be hacked. Without the lockdown, it is possible for hackers to take what is inside the chests using your account if it is hacked, and items that have been provided by members of Aragorn's Allies for other members.

  What you can do to help prevent hackers from hacking your account...

1) DO NOT INSTALL PROGRAMS THAT ARE NOT AUTHENTIC, they may contain malware which can read your IDs and passwords, along with many other personal information you have entered on your PC.

2) SCAN YOUR PC for any such malware, viruses, or worms and such, etc...

3) DO NOT GO TO ANY LINKS THAT SOMEONE MAY HAVE SENT YOU THROUGH INGAME MAIL, without knowing if it is a trusted site(Do you know or trust the person who sent you the link???). It is possible that the site can install programs without you even knowing, allowing them to access information from your PC.

4) CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD OFTEN. You can do this by going to Use your LotrO ID and password to log in. Select on the (Change Password) link at the top. Then just under TURBINE:MY ACCOUNT, Type in your old password in the first blank space, and then type in a new password in the second and third blank spaces. Then click the (Submit) button next to cancel.


  The #1 reason for accounts being hacked, is because of something the account holder did themselves. Don't be the reason why your account was hacked! Keep in mind that hackers are good at hacking and have many ways of doing so.

Please take the time to read Haltene's Post on "How to Avoid Being Hacked" and what Mailene is doing to prevent being hacked again:

  ...If you have any questions, please send me and ingame IM or mail.

Thank you,
This is your kinship too.