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Grouping Knowledge
Read the following to help while grouping
(this info was aqcuired from the Winfola Alliance forum) 

1. Roles in the group.

TANK - member of the group that makes baddest monsters attack him or her. Responsibilities (in order of importance): keeping healer(s) alive, staying alive, organising pulls, pulling mobs, keeping mobs of everypone. Notice, that it is tanks' LAST responsibility to keep non healers alive. Killing things is not even on the list.
OFFTANK - member of the group that keeps mobs off healer. Usually picks up the mobs that tank missed or cannot get. Same responsibilities as tank.
HEALS - selfexplanatory. Responsibilities: keeping tank, healer, offtank, DPS alive. Group can survive a loss of DPS or two. No group can go for long without heals or tank.
DPS - short for damage per second. Toons that are actually killing the mobs. Responsibilities: DO NOT PULL AGRO, keep healers alive. Cannot stress this one enough - DO NOT PULL AGRO. Learn all threat reducing tricks of your class. Learn threat shedding abilities (I think hide in plain side for burglars is a good example).
CC - short for crowd control. Mezzes, roots, etc. Responsibilities: keep mobs out of fighting, keep mobs off healers, keep mobs of DPS.

Some classes double up on the roles. CC/heals or CC/DPS are usuall combos.

2. Preparation for the group/raid.

There are several things that really annoy fellow memebrs of the raid and group (I done them all). They seem like common sense yet we forget.

Repair, Clear your bags, Bring food and potions you gonna need. Get the quests you want to accomplish. Read online about the instance so you have an idea whats going on.
Last but not least - HOOF IT TO THE INSTANCE. Nothing is more wastefull and retarded then group sitting for 30 minutes trying to figure out whats the optimal summon/port formula. JUST HOOF IT. Whoever gets there first will start summoning people.

3. Once inside ...


First and foremost, stay behind the tank at all times. Do not wander into random groups of monsters. Do not go exploring and having a look". You can do all that once the instance is cleared.

Let tank organize the pull. Let him tell everyone where to stand and what to do. Let him get initial aggravation (or threat) on all the mobs. Just stand there for time beign. Do not start fight off with the fat heal to the tank - all monsters ("mobs") will come after healer and everyone dies. Do not start fight of with huge area of effect attack (AOE for short). It is debatable whever AOE should be allowed in the instance at all (here comes the angry be-pitchforked mob of Champions)

Another really hot button issue I noticed is looting during the fight. DONT.

Once fight (or "pull") is started, start fullfiling your role(s).

4. After the fight.

Res (ressurect) the dead. Discuss before rolling. If item is bound on acquire - that is non-transferrable between characters - ask before rolling. Please remember it is not the LAST time you are going to see this item show up. There is always another day.


You will die. You will whipe horribly. You will make bonehead misstakes. How you move on from there is your choice. We can fix noob we CANT fix jerk, so it is up to you how you are viewed in the kinship.