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Legacies by Class

Legacies by Class

Updated for Update 2

Update 2 is bringing legacy updates corresponding to the class updates for Burglar, Hunter and Minstrel. Also gone are the Pool A/Pool B designations - these have been replaced by "Major" and "Minor" categories.

For Burglars, the new legacy Devastating Critical Buff Duration replaces three old legacies:
  • Gambler Devastating Critical Buff Duration
  • Mischief Maker Devastating Critical Buff Duration
  • Quiet Knife Devastating Critical Buff Duration
Two new legacies, Aim Cooldown and Subtle Stab Damage Multiplier were added and Subtle Stab Critical Multiplier was moved from Pool A to the minor category (formerly Pool B). For more information on these changes, see the Update 2 Burglar Dev Diary.

For Hunters, the legacies themselves did not change. Rather, several were adjustments to the magnitude of the effect the legacy provides. For more information on these changes, see the Update 2 Hunter Dev Diary.

For Minstrels, three new legacies were added:
  • Ballad of Flame (Tactical Damage) - class item, major category
  • Ballad of Composure (Ranged Damage) - class item, major category
  • War-speech Tail Effect Duration - weapon, major category
In addition, several legacies had their names cleaned up. For more information on these changes, see the Update 2 Minstrel Dev Diary.

Legacies by Class

1H Weapon
Burglar Skill Bleed Damage Multiplier
Critical Response Skill Damage
Cunning Attack Bleed Stack Chance
Feint Attack Cooldown
Position Surprise Strike from Stealth
Small Snag Cooldown
Subtle Stab Damage Multiplier
Surprise Strike Critical Rating
Location is Everything Cooldown
Lucky Strike Cooldown
Provoke Threat Up Rating
Ready and Able Cooldown
Riddle Range
Subtle Stab Critical Multiplier
Trick Range
Well Placed Strike Cooldown
Addle Cooldown
Aim Cooldown
Devastating Critical Buff Duration
Gamble Chance
Healing - Mischievous Glee
Off-hand Critical Chance
Positional Damage
Skills Critical Multiplier
Tricks Duration
Addle Induction Multiplier
Clever Retort Damage and Healing
Confound Countdown Duration
Hide in Plain Sight Cooldown
Increased Range for Reveal Weakness
Pulse Modifier for Glee
Sneak Movement Speed
Stealth Level
1H & 2H Weapon
Devastating Blow Critical Rating
Kick Cooldown
Maximum targets for Pressing Attack
Melee Skill Power Cost
Morale from Motivating Speech
Pressing Attack Critical Rating
Telling Mark Damage
To Arms Duration
Blade of Elendil Damage
Cry Power Cost
Cutting Attack Bleed Damage
Defensive Strike Armour Buff
Increased Duration of Make Haste
Routing Cry Damage
Tactics: On Guard Parry Rating Buff
Tactics: Relentless Attack Critical Rating Buff
Healing from Rallying Cry
Healing from Strength of Will
Melee Skills Healing
Rallying Cry Cooldown
Tactics: Focus in-Combat Power Regen Buff
Valiant Strike Morale Return
Vocal Skills Healing
Words of Courage Power and Morale Cost
Captain's Escape from Darkness Cooldown
Cooldown for Shield of the Dunedain
Duration of In Defence of Middle-earth
Grave Wound Cooldown
Reduced Cooldown for Muster Courage
Reduced Morale Cost for Time of Need
Shadow's Lament Cooldown
Time of Need Cooldown
1H & 2H Weapon
Area of Effect Skill Damage
Critical Damage Multiplier
Damage for Brutal Strikes
Damage for Feral/Savage Strikes
Damage for Relentless/Remorseless Strikes
Damage for Wild Attack
Rend Bleed Damage
Ferocious Strikes Cooldown
Combat-only Effect Removal Delay
Fear Nothing Cooldown
Hamstring Duration
Horn Damage
Increased Rend Armor Reduction
Reduced Cooldown for Battle Frenzy
Sprint Duration
Sudden Defense Duration
Ardour/Glory Parry and Evade Rating
Ardour/Glory Pip Interval
Blade Line Area of Effect Power Cost
Dire Need Skill Cooldown
Ebbing Ire Cooldown
Increased Heal for Bracing Attack
Reduced Power Cost for Swift Strike
Stun Duration - Champion's Horn
Adamant/Invincible Duration
Ardour/Glory in-Combat Power Regen
Fight On Duration
Heroics Morale Heal Chance
Increased Range for Hamstring
Rend Pulses
Rising Ire Cooldown
Strikes Line Power Cost
Sudden Defense Parry and Evade Rating
1H Weapon
Bash Damage
Guardian Area Effect Melee Targets
Guardian's Pledge Cooldown
Guardian's Ward Duration
Overwhelm Critical Rating
Sweeping Cut Damage
Vexing Blow Damage
Whirling Retaliation Damage
Charge Duration
Guardian Bleed Damage
Guardian Bleed pulses
Stamp Cooldown
Targeted Melee Skill Range
To the King Damage
Turn the tables Cooldown
Warrior's Heart Duration
2H Weapon
Brutal Assault Damage
Guardian Area Effect Melee Targets
Guardian's Pledge Cooldown
Guardian's Ward Duration
Overpower Power Cost
Overwhelm Critical Rating
Sweeping Cut Damage
Whirling Retaliation Damage
Charge Duration
Guardian Bleed Damage
Guardian Bleed pulses
Stamp Cooldown
Targeted Melee Skill Range
To the King Damage
Turn the tables Cooldown
Warrior's Heart Duration
Catch a Breath Cooldown
Catch a Breath Morale Heal
Challenge Targets
Cry Resist Chance
Guardian's Ward Block Rating
Guardian's Ward Damage
Guardian's Ward Parry Rating
Shield Damage
Skill Threat Up Rating
Sting Damage
Guardian's Threat Parry and Block Rating
Increased Block, Parry and Evade from Protection
Power Restore on Reactions
Reactive Block Damage
Shield Smash Damage
Shield Wall Range
Stagger Critical Rating
Stagger Effect Duration
Stagger Positional Damage
Warrior's Heart Morale Heal
Hunter Bow Focus Bow Critical Multiplier
Focus Bow Power Cost
Induction Bow Critical Multiplier
Induction Bow Power Cost
Merciful Shot Cooldown
Quick Shot Critical Rating
Ranged Skill Block Chance Modifier
Ranged Skill Evade Chance Modifier
Strength Quick Shot Slow
Barbed Arrow Bleed Damage
Burn Hot Damage
Distracting Shot Cooldown
Distracting Shot Resistance Penetration
Endurance Quick Shot Threat Down Rating
Focus Bow Threat Down Rating
Heart Seeker Damage
Induction Bow Threat Down Rating
Ranged Evade Rating
1H Weapon
Beneath Notice Cooldown
Blindside Critical Rating
Critical Magnitude in Precision Stance
Find the Path Movement Speed
Improved Strength Of Earth Morale Regen
Maximum Targets for AoE Skills
Melee Critical Multiplier
Needful Haste Duration
Agile Rejoinder Heal Chance
Desperate Flight Cooldown
Low Cut Bleed Chance
Melee Critical Rating
Power Restored by Deep Concentration
Press Onward Cooldown
Stealth Detection
Swift Stroke Parry and Evade Rating
Burning Embers Initial Damage
Cracked Earth Range
Fire Skills Critical Multiplier
Light of the Rising Dawn Critical Multiplier
Light of the Rising Dawn Damage
Share the Power Increase
Staff Strike Cooldown
Tactical Skills Direct Damage
Burning Embers Range
Cracked Earth Damage
Ents Go To War Damage
Gust of Wind Damage
Lightning Skills Critical Rating
Lightning Storm Damage
Sticky Gourd Direct Damage
Storm-lore Damage
Test of Will Damage
Burning Embers Pulses
Fire Skills Critical Rating
Healing from Beacon of Hope
Signs of Power Durations
Target Resistance (Damaging Skills)
Target Resistance (Debuffing Skills)
Target Resistance (Fire Skills)
Wizard's Fire Pulses
Ancient-craft Targets
Ballad of Flame (Fire Defence)
Bane Flare Targets
Cure Resistance Duration
Fire Damage Over Time
Fire-Lore Targets
Inner Flame Healing
Morale - Sign of the Wild: Protection
Test of Will Devastate Damage
Threat - Sign of the Wild: Rage
1H Weapon
Call of Orome Damage
Piercing Cry Damage
Rally! Cooldown
Soliloquy of Spirit Pulses
Target Resist Rating (Call to War)
Threat from Healing
Triumphant Spirit Cooldown
War-speech Tail Effect Duration
Call of the Second Age Targets
Call to Fate Critical Multiplier
Cure Fear Cooldown
Still as Death Cooldown
Target Resist Rating (Cry of Valar)
Tier 1 Ballad Damage
Tier 2 Ballad Damage
Ballad of Composure (Ranged Damage)
Ballad of Flame (Tactical Damage)
Ballad of War Magnitude
Bolster Courage Healing
Healing and Motivation Skills Healing
Healing Skills Power Cost
Inspire Fellows Healing
Raise the Spirit Healing
Target Resist Rating (Ballads)
Ballad of Composure (Fear Resistance)
Chord of Salvation Cooldown
Cry of the Chorus Cooldown
Echoes of Battle Resistance Rating Debuff
Song of the Dead Cooldown
Target Resist Rating (Songs)
Battle Attuned Skill Power Cost
Fire Skill Damage
Fury of Storm Damage
Healing Attuned Skill Power Cost
Healing Over Time
Wrath of Flame Damage Over Time
Chill of Winter Damage
Chill of Winter Debuff Duration
Distracting Flame Cooldown
Fury of Storm Critical Multiplier
Glorious Foreshadowing Duration
Penetrate Target Resist
Steady Attuned Skill Power
Vivid Imagery Targets
Distracting Winds Cooldown
Essence of Flame Damage
Pulses Prelude to Hope
Scribe's Spark Damage
Self Motivation Power Return
Shocking Words Stun Chance
Writ of Fire Damage
Writ of Health Healing
Ceaseless Argument Power Cost
Chilling Rhetoric Cooldown
Do Not Fall This Day Cooldown
Epic for the Ages Healing
Frozen Epilogue Cooldown
Mending Verse Healing
Target Shocking Touch Resist Rating
Word of Exaltation Cooldown
1H Weapon
Exultation of Battle Threat Up Rating
Mighty Blow Damage
Piercing Strike Threat Up Rating
Power, Fierce Resolve Gambit Line
Recklessness Attack Duration
Spear of Virtue Threat Up Rating
Wages of Fear Positional Damage
Wall of Steel Parry Rating
War Cry Threat Up Rating
Ambush Critical Multiplier
Boar's Rush Critical Rating
Critical Strike Critical Multiplier
Hampering Javelin Duration
Javelin Skills Max Range
Onslaught Damage
Power, Power Attack Gambit Line
Spear of Virtue Damage
Surety of Death Damage Over Time
Celebration of Skill Healing
Conservation In Combat Power Regeneration
Dance of War Evade Rating
Dark Before Dawn Power Restored
Determination In Combat Morale Regeneration
Heal bonus for Conviction
Power, Safeguard Gambit Line
Restoration Morale Healed
Safeguard Healing
Adroit Maneuver Duration
Ambush and Careful Step Inductions
Careful Step Duration
Forced March Max Power Penalty
Reduced To-Hit Movement penalty for Javelin Skills
Resolution Resist Rating
Shield Mastery Block Rating
Shield Piercer Duration
Warden's Triumph Duration
Note: This list is what will appear on ID and reforge after Update 2 launches, and does not include removed legacies.

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