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Tip: Increase Your Quest Limit

Did you know completing deeds can increase the number of quests your log can hold from 40 to 50? Hover over the number of active quests to see how close you are to earning the next bonus slot.

Tip: Make Debuffs Easier to See

If you play a class whose job it is to clear debuffs in a group, such as Lore-master or Captain, seeing the debuffs is half the battle. Turn on "Show Dispellable Effects Only" (Options > Social Options > Group Effect Options) to see harmful status effects on other members of your group. Turn on "Show Debuffs in a Separate Row" (Options > UI Setting) to spot harmful status effects on yourself.

Tip: Preview Traits at the Bard

You can preview the effects of many virtues, race and class traits - even trait line bonuses - without spending a copper. Slot them at the bard, but don't press Confirm (yet). You'll be able to preview changes to your stats in your character sheet (C) and changes to skills, such as damage done, power cost, and cooldowns, in your skill tooltips. Press Cancel to revert at no charge.

Tip: Hotkey for Any Mount

You can drag a steed to from the Skills > Mounts tab of your character sheet (C) to a hotbar to mount/dismount. But what about all the other goats and horses (or ponies) in your collection? Set a key mapping for "Dismount / Remount" (Options > Key Mapping | Misc). Then summon whichever mount strikes your fancy directly from your Mounts tab and use your new key mapping to dismount and remount.

Tip: Easy Leveling with Scrolls

Using scrolls can make leveling noticeably easier. Warding Lore scrolls reduce all incoming damage, and Battle Lore increase all outgoing damage. Scrolls can be expensive to buy on the AH, so save them for when you need a little extra oomph. Or, choose Historian as your crafting profession. You can level Scholar mostly by making scrolls, and enjoy boost they provide as you level.

Tip: Make Some Music

Want to make some music? First buy the Lute passive from your class trainer, then buy and equip a Basic Lute from any bard. Now type /music and make music by pushing the number keys, like this: 1235321 6788763432. To leave music mode, move (or /music off). You can learn more about the basics of the music system at

Tip: Making Screenshots

To make a screenshot, just press 'Prt Scr'. You can toggle off the UI (F12) and floating names (N) if you'd like to hide these for your screenshot. Your screenies are stored as JPEG images in "The Lord of the Rings Online" subfolder of your Windows "My Documents" folde.
Tip: Get Your Current Location
Go to Options > UI Settings and enable "Show Location Coordinates On Radar" so the coordinates of your current location are always displayed below the minimap. Also in Options > UI Settings, enable "Show Map Cursor Coordinates". Then when you open the map (M) you can move your cursor over a point of interest, and see its coordinates in the lower left corner.
Tip: Link an Item in Chat
You can insert a link to an item in your inventory or character sheet into tells and most chat channels.  Just start to type your sentence to the desired chat channel, add a space, then ctrl + Right-click the item.   Or, drag the item from your inventory to the chat input box.
Tip: Night Vision
Tired of straining to see your surroundings at night and in dungeons?  Press Alt + F10 to cycle through the brightness settings for your personal light: bright, extra-bright or off.  Or, increase the overall brightness of the game by increasing your Gamma setting, using the slider about the bottom of the Options > Graphics window (Ctrl + O).
Tip: Get a Boost from Food
Food is often overlooked as a source of stats. You can have three types of food active (like buffs) at once: Cooked Food (increases power and morale regen), Trail Food (increases stats like Vitality) and Fortifying Food (increases resists). Weak versions of cooked food can be bought from a vendor; the rest is crafted. Check with your kin or buy from the AH if you are not a cook yourself.
Tip: Hope Tokens
Need to offset dread effects after defeat or the gloom of a nasty boss mob? One easy option is to use a Hope Token. A Hope Token is a consumable item created by a Jeweler and gives a buff of 1 to 5 Hope that lasts 15, 30 or 40 minutes, depending on crafting tier and critical combines.
Tip: Detached Tooltips
Ever wish you could take a longer look at a debuff or item before the tooltip disappears? You can! Just hover on the icon or link and press "h". Now you have a moveable window that you can close when you are done (like after you take that screenshot). You can have up to 4 detached tooltips open at once.
Tip: Target Assist
 Sometimes having all damage focused on one target is the difference between winning and losing a fight. Turn on your Target Assist Window by checking the box for Show Assist Window in Options > Combat Options. Now you can select your group or raid's designated target with one click. If the player you are assisting is in your group, selecting them then pressing "f" works too.
Tip: Keep Your Pet Out of Trouble
Pets can attract unwanted attention by taking a different path when you jump down a hill. Get on your mount, and your pet saddles up too. Then you can jump down, dismount, and your pet will be with you.

If you need to dismiss your pet (or rune-rock) in a hurry, try this quick release macro. Clear the first spot on your quickbar, then type '/shortcut 1 /pet releaseall'
Tip: Less Damage From Falling
You can spend less time limping after a fall (and sometimes avoid death on a long fall) by using a three simple techniques. First, don't jump up (spacebar) before you jump down; it just increases the damage. Next, try to land on a slope rather than a flat spot. Finally, and especially for long falls, face the cliff and run into it as you fall.
Tip: Undying for Fun
Most of us have earned the title "the Wary" by getting to level 5 without dying. Can you make it to 20 without being defeated in battle? If so, you can sport the coveted "the Undying" title. You'll also earn "the Undefeated" (level 10), "the Indomitable" (14) and "the Unscathed" (17) along the way.
Tip: Map Skills to Mouse Buttons
You can trigger skills with the extra buttons on your mouse - great for emergency skills like Man Heal. First, pick a quickslot to map to the mouse button. Then, find the quickslot in Options > Key Mappings. Click the button to edit the key mapping, then click your mouse button, then Accept. Drag the skill to the quickslot from your Skills tab (k) and your button is ready.
Tip: Hot-Swap Legendary Items
Have another legendary item with a useful legacy you didn't get (or couldn't afford) on your primary one? Drag them both to quickslots so you can hot-swap them during combat. To use the skill, hit the hotkey for the alternate LI and listen for the "click" to ensure it's active. Queue up your skill and then (no need to wait for the skill to finish) hit the key to swap back to your primary LI.
Tip: Lock Items in Inventory
Ever vendor a valuable item by mistake? Lock em! In the Sell tab at a vendor, uncheck "Show Locked" in the upper left and then click the lock for any item that you want to keep. You can lock items without the vendor's help by first targeting the item in your inventory (alt+left-click), then using "Enable Item S
ell Lock" (ctrl+t).


Tip: Feeling Threatened?

Not all aggressive mobs attack right away, some threaten first. The "threaten" stage lasts about 4 seconds, giving you time to run by or even gather a resource node before the mob attacks. Pathing mobs that threaten can be controlled by timing your moves in and out of their threaten range to hold them in place. Give it a try!