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LOTRO Quick Start Guide

LOTRO Quick Start Guide

Having trouble getting started with LOTRO Free-to-Play? Here's a short checklist that should get you going!

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to and take a look at the right panel. You'll either see the Play Free Now or Download Now widget. If you see Download Now, click the "create your Turbine game account" link at the bottom.
  • Fill in the new account form
  • Click the Get Started button (be patient while it processes!)
  • Check your email for confirmation.

Having trouble with this step? Some possible solutions:
  • Do a deep refresh (Ctl-F5). They been fixing the site as they go and you may have an old (bad) one cached.
  • You may have to give it a new email address if your regular one was consumed in a failed attempt. Grab a freebie from or
  • If you have successfully created one account and want to create another, you'll need to clear cookies or use a different browser to see this form again.

Step 2: Download the Client

Once you have successfully created an account the right panel on should show your download options. If you have a beefy gaming PC, consider the high-res client, otherwise the standard client is fine.

Having trouble with this step?
  • The LOTRO client is a big one. No progressive download here, unfortunately. See below for some suggested reading during the download.
  • Having technical issues with the download? Visit this page for more information.

Step 3: Choose a Server, Class and Race

While the client downloads, you have a great opportunity to read about server, class and race choices, so when you finally face the character creation screen, you'll have some ideas where to start.
Choosing a Server
Choosing a Class, Part 1: Soloing
Choosing a Class, Part 2: Grouping
Winning Race & Class Combos

Step 4: More Reading to Pass the Download Time

This step is optional, but more reading you can do to get ready for your first moments in game. We recommend you print the Quick Start Manual, as the LOTRO website has been slammed and can be slow to respond.

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