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Leveling Plan for 22-31

Leveling Plan for 22-31

Around 22, you'll have options beyond Bree-land for leveling. For these levels, your choices are the Lone-lands and North Downs. (We are not including Evendim here because the sub-32 content it offers is minimal.)

The quest progression is smoother in Lone-lands and it will be tempting to do all your leveling there. However, North Downs awards strong survivability virtues for completing Quest Deeds there, so you may want to split your time between the two, especially if you are a VIP.

Free and Premium Tactics

Free and Premium players may choose to remain in the Free content areas a while longer to earn more Turbine Points in-game. Add in the Skirmish tutorial quests at 20, The Great Barrows instances from 20-24 and questing in Haudh Iarchith for Men of Bree rep, and you'll easily be 24 before you need to consider buying content.

Once you run out of free quests, your choices are to subscribe, purchase a quest pack for another zone or to skirmish to level 30, then re-evaluate your options then. Personally, I'd save skirmishing for the mid-to-late 30s doldrums, when most everyone will need to skirmish some to level (the daily skirmish quests pay good XP). Better to stock up on virtues at these lower levels when the deeds are still quite easy.

It is possible to purchase quest pack for this tier with Turbine Points earned in-game. See How to Earn Turbine Points for ideas. Lone-lands costs fewer Turbine Points than North Downs, but has less content. On the other hand, questing in Lone-lands greatly reduces the grind for Eglain rep if want to earn the Return to Ost Guruth skill at Kindred.

Subscribing for at least a month can be a great deal, especially if you are already inclined to spend a little money on this game. You'll have full access to the game content up to level 50 and will be able to retain a number of VIP benefits on the characters you create while a VIP, even if you cancel your subscription (downgrade to Premium). This includes more bags, the basic riding skill and trait slots. See Choosing the Best Account Type for You for details.

New Content for 22-31

ContentQuests, deeds and TPClassic and Skirmish Join
North Downs
VIP or Quest Pack
125+ quests (levels 21-34)
19 deeds
145 TP from deeds
Classic Join:
[39] Fornost (6-man)
VIP or Quest Pack
100+ quests (levels 22-32)
23 deeds
180 TP from deeds
Classic Join:
[32] Garth Agarwen - Arboretum (3-man)
[32] Garth Agarwen - Barrows (3-man)
[32] Garth Agarwen - Fortress (6-man)

Public Dungeon:
[25-26] Iorvinas
Stand at Amon Sul
VIP or Purchase
  Skirmish Join:
[25-65] Stand at Amon Sul
Thievery and Mischief
VIP or Purchase
  Skirmish Join:
[30-65] Thievery and Mischief

New Options for Character Improvement

Class Traits Advance the class deeds that opened up at level 20. More open up at 30.
Virtue Traits Continue to complete deeds for Virtues and Turbine Points. See Choosing Your Virtues for guidance on which are best for your class.
Race Traits
Dwarf | Elf
Hobbit | Man
[25, 29] More race deeds open up at 25 and 29, including the racial Return To port.
Class Quests [30] Do your second class quest at level 30 for another class trait.

The Epic Story

Volume 1 of the epic story is free content that pays good XP and gear rewards. Free and Premium players in particular may want to repeat instance chapters for more XP. Join from the Reflecting Pool in the zone the instance was set in, usually in a town.

BookDetailsRepeatable ChaptersReflecting Pool
[22-31] Book 2: The Red Maid Starts with Gandalf in the Prancing Pony. The ranger Saerdan offers a special stable route that will take you directly to Candaith in Lone-lands. Retake Weathertop Ost Guruth

Optional Content

Gift Boxes [30] In your level 30 Gift Box, you get 4 scrolls that start quests to the next set of zones. Finishing these pays a little extra TP.
Reputation If you own the Lone-lands Quest Pack, consider grinding to Kindred for the Return To Ost Guruth skill. Doing the repeatable crafting quests, available to all professions, can make it much easier.

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