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Content by Level Chart - LOTRO Free-to-Play

Content by Level Chart - LOTRO Free-to-Play

Pondering where to go next in your leveling? This chart provides a quick comparison of the quests, instances and raids included in each zone, in level order, grouped by content pack.

Zone Quests and Deeds: The XP you earn from completing Zone Quests is often the fastest way to level in LOTRO. Zone Deeds are the primary source of Turbine Points earned in-game.
Skirmishes offer some nice gear rewards, and enough XP to provide a nice change of pace from questing.
Instances have quests, reputation bonuses and good loot but require a group of 3 or 6 players.
Raids reward some of the best gear in the game, but require a group of 12 players. One raid, Helegrod: Dragon Wing, requires 24 players.
Public Dungeons: A few quests lead to public dungeons, but their real attractions are reputation item drops and plentiful mobs for grinding deeds and XP.

Ered Luin Sarnur
The Shire  
Bree-land Great Barrow (3 inst.), Haudh Iarchith
Siege of Gondamon  
Trouble in Tuckborough  
  North Downs Fornost
Lone-lands Garth Agarwen, Iorvinas
Stand at Amon Sul  
Evendim Annuminas (3 instances)
Thievery and Mischief  
Defence of the Prancing
Misty Mountains Goblin Town, Helegrod (4 raids)
Angmar Urugarth, Carn Dum, Barad Gularan, The Rift of Nurz Ghashu
Ford of Bruinen  
Survival: Barrow-downs  
Eregion The Library at Tham Mirdain, The School at Tham Mirdain
  The Great Delving
Silvertine Lodes The Forgotten Treasury
Durin's Way
The Water-works The Water Wheels - Nala-dum, Filikul, The Vile Maw
Redhorn Lodes The Grand Stair
Nud-Melek The Sixteenth Hall
Flaming Deeps Hall of Crafting, The Forges of Khazad-dum, Fil Gashan
Zirakzigil The Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar
Foundations of Stone Skumfil, Dark Delvings, Dar Narbugud
Mirkwood Sword-hall, Warg-pens, Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Sammath Gul, Barad Guldur
Strike Against Dannenglor  
Protectors of Thangulhad  
Breaching the
Necromancer's Gate
Assault on the
Ringwraiths' Lair
The Battle in the Tower  
Rescue in Nurz Ghashu  

[1] Purchasers of the Mines of Moria expansion get access to the Mines of Moria region and content, premium classes (Rune-Keeper and Warden), legendary items feature, Tier 6 crafting feature, 2 extra character slots and a level cap of 60.
[2] Purchasers of the Siege of Mirkwood expansion get access to the Siege of Mirkwood region and content, a level cap of 65 and the Siege of Mirkwood skirmishes.

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