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Leveling Plan for 32-40

Leveling Plan for 32-40

LOTRO Evendim. Care for a swim?
For levels 32-40, your choices for new zones are Evendim and Trollshaws. This level range is typically the toughest in LOTRO, so make sure you get the most out of North Downs and the Garth Agarwen instance cluster in Lone-lands too. You are going to need to do considerable switching between zones to keep leveling. Skirmish through the rough spots.

Free and Premium Tactics

Of the two quest packs for this range, Evendim is the more attractive of the two, especially if you want to run Annuminas groups from level 50 on. Trollshaw's best content is 40+, but there are other options to consider for those levels.

As before, you will want to complete all quests and deeds in content packs you own. Be sure to do the level 30 Gift Box quests, Volume I Books 3 & 4 and the intro rep quests. Run Garth Agarwen and Fornost if you own the associated quest pack.

New Content for 32-40

ContentQuests, deeds and TPClassic and Skirmish Join
VIP or Quest Pack
75+ quests (levels 27-40)
31 deeds
215 TP from zone deeds
10 TP from Annuminas deeds
Classic Join:
[50-65] Annuminas - Glinghant (6-man)
[50-65] Annuminas - Haudh Valandil (6-man)
[50-65] Annuminas - Ost Elendil (6-man)
VIP or Quest Pack
75+ quests (levels 32-45)
18 deeds
145 TP from deeds
Defence of the Prancing Pony
VIP or Purchase
  Skirmish Join:
[35-65] Defence of the Prancing Pony
Ford of Bruinen
VIP or Purchase
  Skirmish Join:
[40-65] Ford of Bruinen
*Includes the higher level Annuminas deeds.

New Options for Character Improvement

Legendary Traits are a key component in your character's "builds" at higher levels. These traits can give class-defining abilities, such as Champion's Raging Blade or Minstrel's Fellowship's Heart. While some may be more useful than others, earning all of your legendary and class traits gives you the flexibility to create strong builds for soloing, grouping, raiding and PvMP.

Your first opportunity to work on legendary traits comes at level 39 and starts with your class trainer. See Earning Your Legendary Traits for details.

Class Traits More Class Deeds opened up at 30. Equip class traits that complement your playstyle and provide set bonuses. Free and premium players should start working on unlocking additional class trait slots.
Race Traits
Dwarf | Elf
Hobbit | Man
[35] The final race deeds open up at level 35.
Legendary Traits [39] The deeds for your first legendary traits unlock at 39. Buy the books from your class trainer, then visit Rivendell to advance the deeds.

The Epic Story

BookStarts WithRepeatable Chapters (Pool)
[34-37] Book 3: The Council of the North Halbarad in Esteldin Chap 6: Defence of Trestlebridge (Esteldin)
[37-42] Book 4: Chasing Shadows Elrond in Rivendell Chap 8: The Unmarked Trail* (Rivendell)
*The Sage of Eriador next to the Reflecting Pool offers a repeatable quest paying a Mark of Triumph, used to barter for level 50 armor sets.

Optional Content

Instances [32] The 3 Garth Agarwen instances are added to your Classic Join panel at level 32. You must be VIP or own the Lone-lands Quest Pack to run these. Besides daily quests, you can earn tokens to exchange for some very nice weapons.
[39] The Fornost instance is added to your Classic Join panel at 39. You must be VIP or own the North Downs Quest Pack to run this.
Reputation [35] Reputation quests for Mathom Society, Elves of Rivendell and Wardens of Annuminas can be started at 30.
[38] The introduction quest for Rangers of Esteldin can be started at 33.
Gift Boxes [40] Your level 40 Gift Box contains 4 scrolls that start quests to the next set of zones. Finishing these pays a little extra TP.

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