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Leveling Guide to Ered Luin

Leveling Guide to Ered Luin

LOTRO Thorin's Hall Entry
Levels 5-15
Content Pack: Free
Ered Luin includes:

After completing the Introduction, both elves and dwarves start in Ered Luin. Dwarves start in the snowy north at Thorin's Gate, while elves start in the verdant south at Celodim. Around level 10 or so, the quest lines for both races meet in the middle at Thrasi's Lodge. Many players return to the zone around level 45 to take advantage of the Thorin's Hall reputation quests and deeds in Sarnur.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

LOTRO Ered Luin map
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quest hubs (A to K) for Ered Luin and some points of interest (1 to 9).

Quest Hubs in Ered Luin

LocLevelsQuest HubVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
Dwarf Starting Area
A Thorin's Gate (Frerin's Court) 6 15.0S, 103.2W x x x x Reflecting pool
B Thorin's Hall 6-12 13.8S, 103.2W x
x x Auctioneer, bard, class trainers, crafting facilities, item-master, Thorin's Hall faction reps, vault-keeper
C Noglond 7 19.4S, 100.6W x x

D Gondamon 9-11 20.4S, 97.1W x x x x Bard, class trainers, crafting facilities
Elf Starting Area
E Celondim 5-8 28.3S, 92.1W x x x x Bard, class trainers, crafting facilities, vault-keeper
F Nen Hilith 5-6 29.0S, 94.1W

G Limael's Vineyard 7 26.7S, 94.9W x

H Duillond 9, 15 24.3S, 93.2W x x x x Crafting facilities, reflecting pool
Shared Area
I Thrasi's Lodge 10-13 21.7S, 94.2W

J Haudh Lin 12-14 18.9S, 95.2W x

K Northern Barricades 12 22.1S, 96.9W

Points of Interest in Ered Luin

1 Skirmish Camp 13.9S, 102.9W Thorin's Gate
2 Thorin's Halls Homesteads 15.7S, 104.8W Dwarven style player housing
3 Sarnur 20.6S, 103.3W Thorin's Hall rep dungeon
4 The Wardspire 17.8S, 90.1W For Elf-Ruins Exploration deed
5 Falathlorn Homesteads 25.2S, 90.7W Elven style player housing
6 Dol Ringwest 24.9S, 95.0W For Elf-Ruins Exploration deed
7 Limael's Vinyard 26.6S, 95.0W For Elf-Ruins Exploration deed
8 Tham Gelair 27.5S, 94.4W For Elf-Ruins Exploration deed
9 Nen Hilith 29.0S, 94.1W For Elf-Ruins Exploration deed

Virtue Deeds in Ered Luin

Ered Luin is a good zone for virtue deeds, with easy-to-earn ranks of Justice, Discipline, Wisdom, Determination and Compassion.

Slayer Brigand Slayer (Advanced) Justice 1 Defeat 90 Brigands Everyone
Slayer Hendroval Slayer (Advanced) Discipline 1 Defeat 90 Hendrovals Captains, Champions, Guardians, Wardens
Exploration Elf-Ruins Exploration Wisdom 1 Find 5 Places Lore-masters, Minstrels, Rune-keepers 
Slayer Wolf Slayer (Advanced) Determination 1 Defeat 90 Wolves Burglars, Hunters
Quest Defender of Ered Luin Compassion 1 Complete 20 Quests Hunters
Sarnur (Level 41+)
Slayer Troll-kicker (Advanced) Valour 1 Defeat 300 Trolls in Sarnur Everyone
Slayer Betrayer's Bane (Advanced) Justice 1 Defeat 450 Dourhands in Sarnur Everyone
Slayer Master of Beasts (Advanced) Discipline 1 Defeat 450 Beasts in Sarnur Melee classes

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can work on in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful for leveling and are relatively easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

The Epic Story in Ered Luin

LOTRO Duillond in Ered Luin

Although optional, most players complete the Volume 1 Prologue to the epic story. It's different for elves and dwarves, and guides you through the zone as well as grounding you in Lord of the Rings lore. Many people feel the epic story is the best part of the game.

Crafting and Ered Luin

To get start crafting, visit the Master of Apprentices in Celodim or Thorin's Hall (you should have a quest that sends you there). Choose a "vocation", a set of three crafting professions that work well together. If you are uncertain which to choose, "Explorer" is a good place to start.

While Ered Luin offers crafting facilities at Celodim, Duillond, and Gondamon, serious crafters will want to visit Thorin's Hall. Proximity to a bank and auction house, a superior forge and guild halls for the Weaponsmith and Metalsmith professions make Thorin's Hall a favorite for crafters in the early levels.

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