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Reputation by Level & Content

Reputation by Level & Content

Wardens of Annuminas - Ally rep vendor in Tinnudir
If the 50 Turbine Points you can earn per faction weren't enough, the November Update brought important changes to the LOTRO reputation system
  • New reputation rewards, including signature mounts for most factions.
  • New reputation meta-deeds that also reward special mounts.
  • You can now earn reputation from some skirmishes and tasks.
  • Most Haudh Iarchith deeds have been lowered to 25 (and unlock at 20).
  • Reputation now has it's own tab in the Deed Log.

Faction Mounts

Steed of the Elf-lords - pony size!
Six factions now have new mounts: Mathom Society, Eglain, Rangers of Esteldin, Elves of Rivendell, Dwarves of Thorin's Hall and the Council of the North (yes, that makes two!). A second Malledhrim barter steed was added with in the December 6th patch. Want to see what they look like? We recommend LOTRO Steeds for the awesome pictures and comprehensive information on all LOTRO mounts.

In addition, you can now earn mounts from reputation meta-deeds:
  • Completing Ambassador to the Elves (must be Kindred with Elves of Rivendell, Galadhrim and Malledhrim) earns you the Steed of the Elf-Lords, the title "Ambassador to the Elves" and 20 TP.
  • Completing World Renowned (Kindred with Algraig, Bree, Mathom Society, Thorin's Hall, Rivendell, Eglain, Esteldin, Annuminas, Council of the North, Forochel and Grey Company) earns you the Steed of Eriador, the title "World Renowned" and 50 TP.

New Ways to Earn Reputation

A Beta-version of a new game system, Tasks, was added in the November Update. In addition to paying some extra XP, tasks let you turn some of your vendor trash into reputation, but with some significant restrictions. Note that the level of tasks is often lower than the quests for the same area, so check the task board first thing when you arrive in a new area. See the Task System Guide on Lorebook to get started.

The other new way to earn rep is skirmishes! The daily quest for some skirmishes now includes +700 rep among the rewards.

Reputation by Level

The chart below shows the adventurer factions currently in-game and the ways you can earn reputation, by level and content. Not included are the Inn League and Ale Association, or any of the crafting guilds.
  • For reputation barter items, we show the level of the introductory quest which unlocks the barter exchange.
  • For quests, we show the actual quest level. Note that many quests unlock 5 levels before the level shown. For example, you can do the Introduction to Mathoms quest as early as level 30.
  • For tasks, we show the level range of the available task quests. Note that tasks can only be accepted by characters at or no more than 4 levels above the task level. For example, if your character is 31, you can accept task levels 27-31.

LevelFactionEarned ViaSpecial Rewards [1]Content Pack
8 Thorin's Hall [8-12] Gondamon tasks
[20] Siege of Gondamon daily quest
[26-28] Othrikar (ND) tasks
[28+] North Downs quests (mostly from Othrikar)
[30-32] Barachen's Camp (TS) tasks
[38-39] Gloin's Camp (MM) tasks
[41+] Misty Mountains quests
[42-43] Vol 1, Bk 5 epic
[43-45] Hrimbarg (MM) tasks
[46] Dourhand Crest barter
[46 & Acq.] First Age Relic barter
[46+] Crafted barter (Jeweler)
[46+] Sarnur deeds
[47+] Forochel quests
[50] Daily Sarnur quests
Superior Workbench access (Acq.)
Award of Dwarf Virtue (Friend)
Return to Thorin's Gate (Kindred)
Thorin's Hall Goat (Kindred)
10 Mathom Society [10] Gift Mathom barter (from Shire quests)
[20] Trouble in Tuckborough daily quest
[27-30] Oatbarton tasks
[35] Mathom, Well-kept Mathom barter
[35] Crafted barter (Cook)
Superior Study access (Acq.)
Award of Hobbit Virtue (Friend)
Tome of the Turtle (Ally)
Mathom Society Steed (Kindred)
10 Men of Bree [10+] Bree-land quests
[14-20] Bree-town tasks
[15-21] Vol 1, Bk 1 epic
[21+] North Downs quests (mostly from Trestlebridge)
[25] Barrow-treasure, Cardolan-trinket barter
[25] Daily Haudh Iarchith quests
[25] Crafted barter (Woodworker)
[25+] Haudh Iarchith deeds
[30] Thievery and Mischief daily quest
[35] Defence of the Prancing Pony daily quest
[50] Vol 1, Bk 12 epic
Award of Men's Virtue (Friend)
Return to Bree skill (Kindred)
Liver Chestnut Steed (Kindred)
20 The Eglain [20+] Lone-lands quests
[20-23] Forsaken Inn tasks
[22-31] Vol 1, Bk 2 epic
[24-27] Ost Guruth tasks
[25] Stand at Amon Sul daily quest
[25 & Acq.] Pruchased crafting quests
[28-30] Agamaur tasks
[32] Garth Agarwen quests
Some mob kills in Lone-lands
Class pocket item (Acq.)
Return to Ost Guruth skill (Kindred)
Eglain Steed (Kindred)
23 Rangers of Esteldin [23-30] Esteldin tasks
[25+] North Downs quests (mostly from Esteldin)
[34-37] Vol 1, Bk 3 epic
[38] Orc Battle-medallion barter
[38, 45, 49] Crafted barter (Tailor)
[39] Fornost quests
[45] Orc Campaign-medallion, War-master's Lash barter
Orc kills in Dol Dinen, Fornost (outside), Angmar (some)
Mentoring the Harp (Ally)
Rangers of Esteldin Steed (Kindred)
32 Wardens of Annuminas [31-36] Tunnudir tasks
[32+] Evendim quests
[35] Tomb-raider's Sash barter
[35+] Crafted barter (Weaponsmith)
[49] Black Badge, Band of Numenor barter
[50] Annuminas quests and deeds
[50] Vol 1, Bk 9 epic
[50] Vol 1, Bk 10 epic
Mob kills in Glinghant
Dark Chestnut Steed (Kindred) Free
33 Elves of Rivendell [33-39] Thorenhad tasks
[35] Signet of Rhudaur barter
[36+] Trollshaws quests
[37-42] Vol 1, Bk 4 epic
[39-42] Echad Candelleth tasks
[40] Ford of Bruinen daily quest
[40, 49] Crafted barter (Scholar)
[49 & Acq.] Elf-relic, Goblin-town Tabard barter
[45+] Misty Mountains quests
[50] Eregion deeds
[50] Vol 1, Bk 14 epic
Superior Forge access (Acq.)
Award of Elven Virtue (Friend)
Tome of the Sparrow (Ally)
Trinket of Swiftness (Kindred)
Rivendell Steed (Kindred)
44 Lossoth of Forochel [2] [42] Kauppa-kohta tasks
[43-44] Pynti-peldot tasks
[44+] Forochel quests
[??] Syri-kyla tasks
[46] Lossoth Spear-head
[46 & Acq.] Gauradan Claw, Lossoth Luistin barter -
[50] Vol 1, Bk 13 epic
[50] Vol 1, Bk 14 epic
Guide to Suri-Kyla (Hunter), Muster in Suri-Kyla (Warden) (48 & Acq.)
VIP swift travel (Acq, Friend)
Tundra Steed (Kindred)
45 Council of the North [45] Bone Amulet barter
[45] Crafted barter (Metalsmith)
[??] Gath Forthnir tasks
[47+] Angmar quests
[49] Wicked Dagger, War Dispatch barter
[49+] Angmar instance quests and deeds
[50] Vol 1, Bk 14 epic
Mob kills in Himbar, Imlad Balchorth, Urugarth, Carn Dum
VIP swift travel (Acq.)
Ashen Steed (Kindred)
Angmar Free Folk Steed (Kindred)

50 The Eldgang [3] [50] Rift quests
[50+] Mob kills in the Rift and Rift skirmish
Vendors in Thrang's room (Acq.) VIP or Angmar QP
50 Iron Garrison Guards [50] Broken Engraving, Cracked Etching, Crystal Lamp Fragment and other rare barter
[50-60] Moria quests and deeds
[51-60] Vol 2, Bks 1-6 epic
[54-60] Daily IXP instances
[56-60] Daily mirror quests
[58-60] Daily crafting instances
Mob kills in some Moria instances
Level 58 Legendary Trait (Kindred) Mines of Moria XP or QP
50 Iron Garrison Miners [50] Broken Engraving, Cracked Etching, Crystal Lamp Fragment and other rare barter
[50-60] Moria quests and deeds
[51-60] Vol 2, Bks 1-6 epic
[54-60] Daily IXP instances
[56-60] Daily mirror quests
[58-60] Daily crafting instances
Mob kills in some Moria instances
Guide to 21st Hall (Hunter), Muster in 21st Hall (Warden) (56 & Acq.)
Tame Redhorn-goat (Friend)
Nimble Redhorn-goat (Kindred)
Mines of Moria XP or QP
59 Galadhrim [59-60] Lothlorien quests and deeds
[60] Daily IXP, rep quests
[60] Vol 2, Bks 7-8 epic
-Rep for killing protected animals
Hero of Caras Galadhon (Friend)
Lothlorien craft guild recipes (Friend)
Galadhrim Steed (Kindred)
Lothlorien QP
60 Malledhrim [61-65] Mirkwood quests and deeds
[61-65] Vol 2, Bk 9 epic
[63-65] Daily IXP, rep quests
[65] The Battle in the Tower daily quest
[65] Breaching the Necromancer's Gate daily quest
[65] Assault on the Ringwraiths' Lair daily quest
Guide to Mirk-eaves (Hunter), Muster in Mirk-eaves (Warden) (62 & Acq.)
Mirkwood craft recipes (Friend)
Return to Mirkwood skill (Kindred)
Smoky Black Steed (Kindred)
Malledhrim Steed (Kindred)
Siege of Mirkwood
65 Grey Company [65] Enedwaith quests
[65] Vol 3, Bk 2 epic
[65] Daily rep quests
Guide to Harndirion (Hunter), Muster in Harndirion (Warden) (62 & Friend)
Grey Company Steed (Kindred)
Choice of pocket item (Kindred)
VIP or Enedwaith QP
65 The Algraig [65] Enedwaith quests
[65] Vol 3, Bk 2 epic
[65] Daily rep quests
Return to Enedwaith skill (Kindred)
Algraig Steed (Kindred)
VIP or Enedwaith QP
1 - Return to Skills are available only to those races who can't earn the skill by completing the racial trait
2 - Reputation with the Lossoth of Forochel starts with Outsider, instead of Neutral like other factions.
3 - There are no reputation deeds for the Eldgang.

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