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Leveling Guide to Bree-land

Leveling Guide to Bree-land

Levels 5-24, 30
Content Pack: Free
Bree-land includes:
Bree-land contains both the race of Man starting area and plentiful content for players all races for levels 14 to 24.

As soon as you complete the Introduction, you can purchase the Basic Riding skill from the LOTRO Store and your first horse at Hengstacer Farms ("P" on the map below) for 500 silver.

As a starting area, Archet-Combe-Staddle is more compact than The Shire, and has more content than Ered Luin. You don't have to do every quest in succession to move on to the higher level areas of the zone.

Around level 14 or so, you'll want to do the A Tour of Bree quest and get quests for the surrounding areas. There is more content than needed here to get you to 22, when you can move on to Lone-lands and North Downs, so pick what interests you. Just be sure to finish 45 quests in Bree-land for the useful virtue traits.

At Level 20, the Men of Bree reputation quests open up.  These lead to Haudh Iarchith, the Men of Bree rep dungeon in the Barrow Downs. Among the possible rewards are gear for the level and a Return to Bree skill for non-Man races.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

Bree-land Map LOTRO
[Click to enlarge]

This map shows the quests nodes for Lone-lands in progression (from A to R) and some points of interest (1 to 11).

Quest Hubs

Quest HubLevelsLocVendorStableMail boxMile stoneNotes
A Archet 5-9 24.9S, 48.8W X
X X Man starting area
B Combe 7-10 28.4S, 49.5W X X X X Bard, class trainers, crafting facilities
C Lumber Camp 8-10 29.1S, 47.1W X

D Staddle 11-14 31.0S, 49.4W X

E Midgewater Marsh 14-14 32.5S, 43.5W

F Bree 14-20,
45+ Rep
29.8S, 51.3W X X X X Auction House, class trainers, crafting facilities, Men of Bree rep, vault-keeper.
G Southern Bree-fields 14-15 28.2S, 53.3W

Chief Watcher Grimbriar
H Thornley's Work-site 14-19 25.2S 53.8W X

I Buckland 15-17 33.3S, 62.7W X X X X Crafting facilities.
J Andrath/South-guard Ruins 15-19 35.7S, 51.6W

Quest givers are up in the south tower at the entrance to Andrath
K Adso's Camp 16-17 29.3S, 56.8W X X
L Saeradan's Cabin 18-19 25.6S, 52.9W

M Greenway Fort 18-19 24.0S, 53.1W

N Old Barrows Road Camp 18-19 31.7S, 56.2W X

O The Dead Man's Perch 19-23 32.1S, 53.8W X

Repeatable quests for crafting components and recipes
P Hengstacer Farm 20-21 22.3S, 52.3W X X

Q Nen Harn 20-22 22.3S, 44.0W

Repeatable quests for crafting components and recipes
R The Great Barrow 24 33.7S, 55.5W



Bree-land Map LOTRO

[Click to enlarge]

Points of Interest in Bree-land

1 Unforunate Traveller 30.2S, 54.9W Starts [18] The Failed Delivery
2 Skirmish Camp 32.3S, 50.4W Near the south gates of Bree
3 Camp Site 28.1S, 54.3W Southern Bree-fields
4 Camp Site 33.7S, 55.5W The Great Barrows
5 Reflecting Pool 30.5S, 51.7W In Bree
6 Dunedain-statue 33.4S, 48.8W For The History of the Dunedain deed
7 Ancient Inscription 30.2S, 49.1W For The History of the Dunedain deed
8 Ancient Cairn 27.1S, 46.6W For The History of the Dunedain deed
9 Ancient Crest 30.7S, 52.6W For The History of the Dunedain deed
10 Ancient Altar 31.2S, 44.9W For The History of the Dunedain deed
11 Ancient Obelisk 29.5S, 45.8W For The History of the Dunedain deed
12 Haudh Iarchith 35.1S, 55.1W Men of Bree Rep dungeon

Virtue Deeds in Bree-land

Everyone should try to complete 45 quests in Bree-land for the rank of Empathy and two ranks of Loyalty, both good survivability traits that will help you as you level. While questing in Bree-land you should come close to completing Orc Slayer (Advanced) for a rank of Valour and Brigand Slayer (Advanced) for a rank of Justice. Check your deed log before you move on - these are good survivability traits and it would be a shame to miss out on the benefits of these if you are just a few kills short.

Tactical classes (Minstrels, Lore-masters and Rune-keepers) should be sure to finish Lore of the Cardolan Prince for an easy rank of Wisdom.

Quest Bree-land Adventurer Empathy 1 Complete 15 quests Everyone
Quest Bree-land Adventurer (final) Loyalty 2 Complete 45 quests Everyone
Collection Lore of the Cardolan Prince Wisdom 1 Collect 6 dropped items while questing in the Barrow Downs Tactical classes (Minstrels, Lore-masters and Rune-keepers)
Slayer Orc Slayer (Advanced) Valour 1 Kill 90 Orcs Everyone
Slayer Brigand Slayer (Advanced) Justice 1 Kill 90 Brigands Everyone

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can work on in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful for leveling and are relatively easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

The Epic Story in Bree-land

Archet spider cave LOTRO
For new characters in the Man starter area (Archet/Combe), the Volume I prologue offers good XP and gear. It's optional. All races can start Volume I, Book 1 when they arrive in Bree - talk to Barliman Butterbur in the Prancing Pony to get started.

Crafting and Bree-land

New characters can visit the crafting hall in Combe or Bree to learn a profession. Bree-land has excellent resources for miners and foresters with copper and tin ore and rowen wood available in Chetwood and Midgewater Marsh, and barrow-iron and silver ore and ash wood throughout the rest of the zone. Chetwood and Midgewater Marsh also have excellent Tier 1 scholar node gathering.

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