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Race of Man Traits

Race of Man Traits

As a Man, which race traits you equip will depend on three things: your class, your level and which traits you have earned.

Free and Premium players have an additional consideration: you start with only two race trait slots. Of the four traits types, buying more race trait slots should be your lowest priority.  Simply equip your best two.

Just because a racial deed opens up at level 13 doesn't mean you can complete it. Men in particular have a hard time finding the right mobs at low levels. Don't sweat it - just level up and work on the deeds when you get to the mobs as part of your natural level progression.

Which Race Traits to Equip as a Man

The list below is ordered from most useful to least useful. Pick the first five (or two, if you are Free or Premium) that apply to you!
  1. Strength of Morale, the "man heal" emergency skill, is helpful to every class. Most players will earn and equip this soon after leveling to 35.
  2. Balance of Man, with its boost to block, parry and evade, is a strong survivability skill for most classes with the possible exception of Champions who run in Fervour for a significant chuck of the time.
  3. Man of the Fourth Age (+20 Will) will be helpful to most players, but especially attractive to healers and other casters. Each point of Will adds 3 Power, increases your chance to resist Fear effects, including Cowering, increases tactical offence and increases your out-of-combat Power regeneration rate (OCPR). Man minstrels, captains and lore-masters will benefit from bigger heals.
  4. Return to Bree is helpful for most classes, with the exception of man hunters and wardens who have alternate travel skills. If you have another "Return to" skill, such as "Return to Ost Guruth", you may want skip this.
  5. The Man Sword-damage Bonus adds a little damage for character who melee with a sword.
  6. The Tactics and Might Bonus adds a little power and damage to fellowship maneuvers if you go blue or red. Could be useful depending on your class (are you likely to go red or blue in an FM?) and how much you group.
  7. Upper-cut is a decent attack at low-levels and used situationally by some melee at high level for a chance to stun.
  8. Duty-bound is situationally useful for boss fights where adding 2% extra morale to the whole fellowship is helpful. Be sure you have a way to recover the power it uses.
  9. Virtuous Man might be useful if you need another rank of these virtues and have a spare race trait slot. Not many players trait Confidence or Patience, so this is pretty situational.

Race of Man Traits


LevelTPDeedObjectiveWhere to Hunt at Level (earlier locations also work)TraitTrait Effect
13 5 Enmity of the Dead Defeat 50 wights Barrow Downs (Bree-land) Upper-cut Weak melee attack. Can be used every five seconds and has a small chance of stunning the target for 3 seconds.
19 10 Enmity of the Dead II Defeat 100 wights Barrow Downs (Bree-land) Tactics and Might Bonus +5% to Stallion's Spirit (blue) and Ent's Strength (red) Fellowship Maneuvers
25 15 Enmity of the Dead III Defeat 150 wights Barrow Downs (Bree-land) and Great Barrows (Bree-land) Man Sword-damage Bonus +2% to 1-hand and 2-hand sword damage
13 5 Enmity of the Wargs Defeat 50 wargs Weatherfoot or Minas Eriol (Lone-lands). These are the lowest level wargs in the game. Man of the Fourth Age +20 Will
29 10 Enmity of the Wargs II Defeat 150 wargs Haud Eglan or Kingsfell (North Downs) Return to Bree Once an hour port to Bree. Uses 1 travel ration and shares a cooldown timer with other "Return to" skills.
35 15 Enmity of the Wargs III Defeat 250 wargs Nan Amlug or Rhunenlad (North Downs), east of Esteldin Duty-bound +2% increase to fellowship morale for 10 minutes. Can be used once an hour.
30 5 Enmity of the Hillmen Defeat 150 hillmen Agamaur (Lone-lands) or Nan Amlug East (North Downs). Group up for these. Balance of Man +1% to Evade, Parry, and Block
35 10 Enmity of the Hillmen II Defeat 250 hillmen Agamaur (Lone-lands) or Nan Amlug East (North Downs). Group up for these. Strength of Morale Restores ~3000 Morale
Total: 75


LevelFactionStandingHow to Earn FactionTraitTrait Effect
35 Men of Bree Friend - Some quests in Bree-land and North Downs plus Volume I, Book 1 and Volume I, Book 14 of the epic story reward Men of Bree reputation.
- Reputation items (which are bartered for faction) drop from level 44+ foes in Haudh Iarchith (Bree-land), the Men of Bree reputation dungeon.
- Complete level 45 quests and deeds in Haudh Iarchith for more faction.
Virtuous Man +1 Confidence, Justice, Patience

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