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Earning Your Legendary Traits

Earning Your Legendary Traits

Legendary Class Traits are a key component in your character's "builds" at higher levels. These traits can give class-defining abilities, such as Champion's Raging Blades or Minstrel's Fellowship's Heart. While some may be more useful than others, earning all of your class traits gives you the flexibility to create strong builds for soloing, grouping, raiding and PvMP. So, how do you earn them?

There are 5 different ways to earn the seven legendary traits each class gets. Four of the traits are available in the free content of Eriador, the other three require the Mines of Moria expansion. Let's tackle these by level.

Level 39-41: Legendary Books

You can start earning your first three legendary class traits at level 39. To get started, visit your class trainer and purchase the three books listed for your class (filter on "Book"). The books will disappear and become deeds. Head to Rivendell and visit the person indicated to advance the deed.

Now the real work begins. You'll need to kill humanoids to collect the pages for these books. The first 4 pages of each book drop in Angmar and Eregion (either works), the last 4 drop in the Misty Mountains and Forochel (again, either works). You should be able to get most of your pages while leveling, though getting the last few can be painful. The legendary class traits slots open up at levels 41, 45 and 60, so focus on the ones you would slot first.

Class Book Deed 1 Book Deed 2 Book Deed 3
Burglar Complete The Book of Knives to earn Flashing Blades Complete The Expert's Guide to Dirty Fighting to earn Exposed Throat Complete Knee-breaker's Manual to earn Sweep the Leg
Captain Complete The Book of Oaths to earn Oathbreaker's Shame Complete The Candle's Flame to earn Defy Corruption Complete The Treatise of Valour to earn Shield of the Dúnedain
Champion Complete The Artisan Blade to earn Explosion of Blades Complete The Joy of Battle to earn Fight On! Complete The Tome of Swords to earn Ferocious Strikes
Guardian Complete A Shield-maiden's Song to earn Guardian's Threat Complete The Best Defence to earn Shield-smash Complete The Final Word to earn Challenge the Darkness
Hunter Complete A Shot in the Dark to earn Bard's Arrow Complete The Furthest Charge to earn Rain of Thorns Complete The Way of the Hunter to earn Press Onward
Lore-master Complete The Book of Beasts to earn Noble Savage Complete Lore of the Blade to earn Sword and Staff Complete Of Leaf and Twig to earn March of the Ents
Minstrel Complete Melodies of the Valar to earn Rally! Complete The Rising Chord to earn Song of the Hopeful Heart Complete Valour's Marches to earn Anthem of the Wizards
Rune-keeper Complete Golu o Maeth to earn Martial Training Complete Thunder and Flame to earn You Shall Fall to our Wrath Complete Whispers in the Dark to earn Steady Hands
Warden Complete Bullroarer's Boy to earn Defiant Challenge Complete Chieftains of the Dúnedain to earn Grand Master Weapons Training Complete The Watch Against the Night to earn Javelin of Deadly Force

Level 45-50: Class Quest Series

At level 45, you can start working on your level 50 class quest. This is really a series of three quests where the final quest awards another legendary class trait. Even though you will be a bit low for the level of the quests, getting them early helps you keep an eye out for opportunities to complete the many steps required, such as groups for Carn Dum and Urugarth, or skirmishes (many of the items required for these quests can be purchased from the Curiosities Vendor with skirmish marks).

To get started, visit your class trainer who will send you on to the NPC for the level 45-50 class quest series for your class. This NPC will give you two quests (1 and 2 in the table below) that can be worked on at the same time. Be aware these are epic in nature, it will take a while to collect all the components yourself. Group up when practical. When both of these quests are complete, the final quest (which awards the legendary trait) opens up.

Class Quest 1 Quest 2 Final Quest Legendary Trait
Burglar Articles of Cunning Implements of the Night A Lesson from Bilbo Baggins Stick and Move
Captain Articles of Command Implements of War A Lesson from Boromir In Defence of Middle-earth
Champion Articles of Valour Implements of Daring A Lesson from Gimli Controlled Burn
Guardian Articles of Fortitude Implements of Battle A Lesson from Samwise Gamgee To the King
Hunter Articles of Discovery Implements of the Hunt A Lesson from Legolas Bow of the Righteous
Lore-master Articles of Mystery Implements of Knowledge A Lesson from Lord Elrond Eagle-friend
Minstrel Articles of Harmony Implements of Song A Lesson from Lindir Fellowship's Heart
Rune-keeper A Worthy Garment Hewing a New Stone Deep Secrets of Rune-craft That Which Does Not Kill Us
Warden A Warden's Second Best Ally A Weapon of Might and Glory Wisdom of the Wardens Way of the Warden

Level 50-58: Volume II Epic Story

When you get to Moria, you can start working on Volume II of the epic story. You will have already completed Book 1 to get your legendary item and gain entry to Moria. Continue to work on the epic book as you level through Moria. You'll need a group to complete chapters 2.4.8, 2.5.5 and 2.6.8. Volume II, Book 6, Chapter 8 (2.6.8) rewards another legendary trait.

Class Legendary Trait Caps this Trait Set
Burglar Dealings Done The Gambler
Captain Master of War Lead the Charge
Champion Deathstorm The Deadly Storm
Guardian Heart of Fire The Fighter of Shadow
Hunter Cool Burn The Bowmaster
Lore-master Improved Sticky Gourd Master of Nature's Fury
Minstrel Master of Tales The Protector of Song
Rune-keeper Mystifying Flame Cleansing Fires
Warden Way of the Shield Way of the Shield

Level 58: Iron Garrison Guards Reputation

While in Moria, you will have many opportunities to earn reputation with the Iron Garrison Guards and Miners. Many quests and deeds award either Guards or Miners faction. You also receive loads of reputation barter items that work for either faction. Exchange these only with the Iron Garrison Guards until you reach Kindred standing, unless you are sure you don't want this legendary trait. Once you have Kindred standing you can purchase your book from the Iron Garrison Guards vendor in Twenty-first Hall. You must be level 58 to read the book and get the trait.

Class Book Bought from IG Guards Legendary Trait Caps this Trait Set
Burglar A Guide to the Quiet Knife Practiced Bluff The Quiet Knife
Captain The Master of the Charge Master of Oaths Leader of Men
Champion The Boiling Rage Continuous Blood Rage The Deadly Storm
Guardian A Keen Blade Hemorrhage The Keen Blade
Hunter The Jolly Hunter Improved Fleet Stance The Huntsman
Lore-master The Book of Nature Nature-friend The Keeper of Animals
Minstrel The Verses of the North Call of War The Warrior-Skald
Rune-keeper On the Patterns of Wind and Rain Perfect Imagery Solitary Thunder
Warden The Path Less Trod Way of the Spear Way of the Spear

Level 58-60: Class Quest

At level 58, you can start working on your level 60 class quest. Again, this is a series of quests starting with your class trainer. The final quest in the series requires you to beat a special encounter in one of the Moria instances. You'll need a group for this. We recommend you complete all the previous steps of your class quest, then join a regular instance group that is willing to do your class quest too after they clear the instance. Most groups will welcome this as there is a NPC that offers a "Lending a Hand" quest with good rewards for your helpers right outside the instance.

Class Quest Series Final Encounter Legendary Trait Caps this Trait Set
Burglar The Path of the Mischief-maker Defeat Unur in the The Sixteenth Hall Little Annoyances The Mischief-maker
Captain The Path of the Healing Hands Use the Summoning Horn in Fil Gashan and defeat the waves of orcs Hands of Healing Hands of Healing
Champion Path of the Martial Champion Defeat Longpincer in Skumfil Invincible The Martial Champion
Guardian The Path of the Defender of the Free Defeat Nightshine in Dark Delvings Litany Master The Defender of the Free
Hunter The Path of the Trapper Defeat Dragh in The Grand Stair Explosive Arrow The Trapper of Foes
Lore-master Path of the Ancient Master Defeat Ruingal in the The Forges of Khazad-Dum Force of Will The Ancient Master
Minstrel The Path of the Watcher of Resolve Defeat Cracktooth in Skumfil Legendary Spirit The Watcher of Resolve
Rune-keeper The Path of the Rune of Restoration Defeat Helegfan in the The Sixteenth Hall Wondrous Foreshadowing Benedictions of Peace
Warden The Path of the Masterful Fist Defeat the Mad Captain in Dark Delvings Way of the Fist Way of the Fist
Some tooltips are incomplete due to data or formatting problems on Lorebook.  Follow the link given for more info.

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