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Leveling Guide to Trollshaws

Leveling Guide to Trollshaws

Levels 32-45
Content Pack: VIP or Trollshaws Quest Pack
Trollshaws Quest Pack includes:
The Trollshaws are home to all manner of beasts and, well, trolls! Many an adventurer has encountered a troll on the road to Rivendell, the elven sanctuary which lies at the far eastern end of the zone. Try to visit Rivendell around level 35 to do the Riddle Quests (starts with Bilbo) and visit The Company at the Last Homely House. Be sure to talk to the stable master while there.

With good density of solo quests, Thorenhad (36-38) and Echad Candelleth (40-44) are good additions to any leveling plan. Starting at level 37, Volume 1, Book 4 of the epic story gives lots of XP at these levels.

Free and Premium Tactics

LOTRO Wood Troll in Trollshaws
Despite the few pockets of good questing mentioned above, other zone quest packs provide a better value for Free and Premium players in these levels. Overall, Trollshaws has fewer quests than Evendim in the 27-40 level range, or Misty Mountains and Angmar in the 41-45 level range. You won't want to miss the epic story in Trollshaws for nice XP and gear rewards, but consider questing elsewhere.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

LOTRO Map of Trollshaws
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests nodes for the Trollshaws in progression (from A to F) and some points of interest (1 to 8).

Quest Hubs in Trollshaws

 LocLevelsQuest HubVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
A 30.1S, 4.4W 32-45 Rivendell X X X X Auctioneer, barber, bard, class trainers, crafting facilities, Elves of Rivendell faction reps, item-master, vault-keeper
B 34.1S, 20.2W 33-34 Barachen's Camp X

C 31.6S, 15.1W 36-38 Thorenhad X X X X Additional quests given nearby by Arrod (33.7S 14.6W)
D 28.2S, 15.3W 38-40 Nan Tornaeth

Ranger Calanthon is at the campsite in Nan Tornaeth
E 28.6S 19.4W 40-42 Wovenvales

Group quests with elite mobs
F 37.2S, 14.0W 40-44 Echad Candelleth X X
X Additional quests given nearby by at Garbert's Cottage (38.2S 14.5W)

Points of Interest in Trollshaws

1 Skirmish Camp 30.1S, 6.3W Rivendell
2 Camp Site 28.2S, 15.3W Nan Tornaeth
3 Reflecting Pool 29.5S, 3.8W In Rivendell
4 Giant Footprints 39.1S 15.1W Starts [43] Giant Footprints
5 The Last Bridge 33.5S, 23.3W For "The Road to Rivendell" Deed
6 Barachen's Camp 34.1S, 20.2W For "The Road to Rivendell" Deed
7 The Ford of Bruinen 33.5S, 11.4W For "The Road to Rivendell" Deed
8 The Gates of Imladris 32.2S 6.2W For "The Road to Rivendell" Deed

Perfect Boar-tusk Mob drop near Barachen's camp Starts [34] Boar-tooth Dagger
  Bear Hide Mob drop near Thorenhad Starts [36] Bear-hide Armor

Lynx Hide Mob drop in High Moors Starts [37] Lynx-hide Cloak

Stray Barrel 36.8S, 14.9W Starts [42]Surprise Pipe-weed
  Large Footprint 38.8S, 15.0W Starts [43]Giant Footprints


Virtue Deeds in Trollshaws

Leveling in Trollshaws gives some worthwhile survivability virtues - a rank each of Innocence and Loyalty - just for completing 20 quests. Complete Worm Slayer (Advanced) for a rank of Valour.

Quest Deeds in the Wilderness Innocence
Complete 10 Quests Everyone
Quest Deeds in the Wilderness (Advanced) Loyalty
Complete 20 Quests Everyone
Exploration The Road to Rivendell Fidelity
Explore 4 Places Tanks, Would-be Raiders
Slayer Worm Slayer (Advanced) Valour
Kill 270 Worms Everyone

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can earn in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful while leveling and are easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

The Epic Story and Trollshaws

Lord of Rings The Last Homely House, Rivendell

Trollshaws is the setting for several books in Volume I, including Book 4, which gives good XP at level.

 Now that all of Volume I can be soloed, it is well worth finishing Volume I on at least one character to experience the full story and to get the pretty white horse at the end. Many chapters (designed for level 50 players) are set in Trollshaws as well. Level 65 characters will visit Trollshaws again for Volume III, Book 1.

Crafting and Trollshaws

Trollshaws is an excellent Tier 4 gathering zone, with abundant Dwarf-iron and Platinum deposits, Lebethron branches, Pristine hides and Forgotten Texts. Scholars will find a Superior Study and the Scholar Guild in the Last Homely House in Rivendell.

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