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Leveling Guide to Eregion

Leveling Guide to Eregion

Levels 48-53
Content Pack: VIP or Eregion Quest Pack
Eregion Quest Pack includes:
South of the Trollshaws, Eregion is the bridge zone between Eriador and the Mines of Moria. Hilly and grassy with some wooded areas, Eregion is filled with elven ruins and offers excellent questing from level 48 to 51. The progression is quite smooth through the quest hubs, and at times you'll feel right on the heels of the Fellowship of the Ring as they prepare to pass through Moria.

How to Get There

Grassy Eregion, LOTRO
The safest path to Eregion starts in Tal Bruinen (36.8S, 13.2W) in the Trollshaws. Hire a horse from Rivendell to Tal Bruinen, then head south, cross the Bruinen near Garbert's Cottage (38.3S, 14.6W) and head uphill, then south until you arrive in Eregion near Gwingris. Be sure to talk to the stable master at Gwingris when you arrive.

Legendary Items

If you own the Mines of Moria expansion, you can start Volume II, Book 1 as early as level 45. There is good reason not to wait - the "legendary" weapons and class items you get from Book 1 will make your character much stronger. See The Epic Story for how to start the quest.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

Eregion Map LOTRO
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests nodes for the Eregion in progression (from A to D) and some points of interest (1 to 14).

Quest Hubs for Eregion

 LocLevelsQuest HubVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
A 40.0S, 16.2W 48-49 Gwingris
Delicate Pages of Ring-lore (39.6S, 16.4W)
B 46.9S, 12.5W 49-50 Echad Eregion

C 50.5S, 7.8W 50-51 Echad Dunann
Class trainers
D 52.5S, 16.7W 50-53 Echad Mirobel
Bard, class trainers, item-master, summoning horn.  Also Brittle Page of Ring-lore (52.4S, 16.8W).

Points of Interest in Eregion

1 Skirmish Camp 40.5S, 15.7W Near Gwingris
2 Camp Site 52.3S, 17.1W In Echad Mirobel
3 Reflecting Pool 52.5S, 16.8W In Echad Mirobel
4 Pembar 44.1S, 10.8W For "The Ruins of Eregion" deed.  Also Crumbling Pages of Ring-lore from rubble (44.1S, 11.0W)
5 Barad Morlas 48.1S, 13.7W For "The Ruins of Eregion" deed.  Also Fragile Pages of Ring-lore from rubble (47.9S 13.9W)
6 Torech Braignel 44.0S, 8.8W For "Dens of the Beasts" deed
7 Torech Ladnel 47.1S, 15.2W For "Dens of the Beasts" deed
8 Torech Bornagol 46.4S, 10.4W For "Dens of the Beasts" deed
9 The Burnt Tor 49.1S, 10.5W For "Dens of the Beasts" deed
10 Sad Umroval 48.2S, 12.4W For "Dens of the Beasts" deed
11 Torech Andraug 50.7S, 9.6W For "Dens of the Beasts" deed
12 Ulundin 56.0S, 14.4W For "Dens of the Beasts" deed
13 The Library at Tham Mirdain 53.8S, 17.6W 3-man instance
14 The School at Tham Mirdain 53.3S, 15.5W 3-man instance

Worn Page of Ring-lore Mob drop from Dunlendings For "Ring-lore of Eregion" deed

Mouldering Page of Ring-lore Mob drop from Half-orcs For "Ring-lore of Eregion" deed


Virtue Deeds for Eregion

Eregion is a strong zone for deeds. We recommend everyone complete Silent and Restless (Final, 60 quests) in Eregion for the rank of b and the swift travel routes that these deeds unlock. Hunters will want to complete The Ruins of Eregion and Dens of the Beasts to unlock the Guide to Echad Dunann skill (see class trainer for quest). For the slayer deeds, make sure you haven't already capped the virtue rewarded before starting the grind (currently the max rank for virtues is 10).

Quest Silent and Restless (Advanced) Compassion
Complete 40 quests Hunters
Quest Silent and Restless (Final) Empathy
Complete 60 quests Everyone
Exploration The Ruins of Eregion Wisdom
Find 6 places Hunters, Tactical classes
Exploration Dens of the Beasts Patience
Find 7 places Hunters
Collection Ring-lore of Eregion Fidelity
Collect 6 items Tanks and would be raiders
Slayer Half-orc Slayer (Advanced) Justice
Kill 360 Half Orcs Everyone
Slayer Craban-slayer (Advanced) (Eregion) Loyalty
Kill 360 Crabain Everyone
Slayer Uruk Captains of Eregion Determination
Kill 7 Captains Hunters
Slayer Lizard and Crawler Slayer (Advanced) Determination
Kill 360 Lizards and Crawlers Hunters
Slayer Wolf and Warg Slayer (Advanced) Discipline
Kill 360 Wolves and Wargs Melee classes

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can work on in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful for surviving Moria and are relatively easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

Swift Travel Routes

Eregion swift travel routes (both to/from and within) are unlocked by completing quests in Eregion.

RoutesDeed to CompleteRequirements
Any to Gwingris
Gwingris to Rivendell
Silent and Restless Complete 10 quests
Any to Echad Eregion
Echad Eregion to Rivendell
Silent and Restless (Intermediate) Complete 20 quests
Any to Echad Dunann
Echad Dunann to Rivendell
Silent and Restless (Advanced) Complete 40 quests
Any to Echad Mirobel
Echad Dunann to Rivendell
Silent and Restless (Final) Complete 60 quests

Legendary Deeds

Eregion is one of the zones where pages drop from humanoids for your initial Legendary Trait deeds. Be sure visit your class trainer at level 39 and buy the books that start the deeds. You'll need to visit Rivendell to advance the deed, but then any humanoids you kill in Eregion could drop one of the top four pages for one of your deeds.

The Epic Story in Eregion

Just outside Echad Dunann, you find Rathwald standing next to the Sirannon gate. Talk to him to start Volume II, Book 1 of the epic story and gain access to the Walls of Moria expedition zone. You'll want to unlock enough chapters to get your first legendary weapon, which will be a boon against the more difficult Moria content. Be sure to check the rewards from the expedition quests before completing Book 1 and entering Moria. There's no going back once you've passed these up.

Crafting and Eregion

The Burnt Tor is a great hide-gathering spot

Eregion is an excellent gathering zone, offering Ancient-iron, Ancient-silver, Exceptional hides, Black Ash wood and Ancient Vases through most of the zone. From the Burnt Tor and the Nan Sirannon riverbed south, you'll find Khazad-copper and Khazad-tin ore nodes, Ilex wood and Magnificent hides from level 51+ easts. There are no crafting facilities or crafting vendors in Eregion.

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