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Leveling Guide to The Great Delving

Leveling Guide to The Great Delving

Zone levels 51-53
Content Pack: Mines of Moria Expansion
Mines of Moria Expansion includes:
Around level 51, you'll enter the mines of Moria at the Great Delving. Armed with your legendary items and some gear upgrades from the Eregion, you are better prepared for the dangers ahead than just a few levels ago. Beware - combat is a bit more difficult in Moria. If you have having trouble surviving, revisit the Virtues you have slotted.

While there are a few quests at Durin's Threshold, you'll be based in Dolven-view for the majority of your leveling in The Great Delving. Be sure to complete the Mirror Quests here, as these open a number of quests in other Moria zones.

Around level 52, visit the Chamber of the Crossroads in Durin's Way, north of Dolven-view, to advance Volume II, Book 2 of the epic quest. One of the chapters sends you east from the Chamber of the Crossroads down the Winding Way to Twenty-first Hall -- the commercial hub of Moria, with a bank, bard, auction house and crafting hall. Be sure to talk to the stable-master when there, you'll visit Twenty-first Hall many times while in Moria.

Legendary Items

LOTRO The Third Mirror in The Great DelvingYou can add up to six legendary items (LI) to your Legendary Item Panel (Shift + I), including the two LIs you got in Volume II, Book1. As you level in Moria, trade any Rusted Dwarf Tools or Khuzdul Tablets that drop for you to the class barter vendors in Dolven-view. You'll need to identify these at the Forge-master before they can be added.

All LIs in your Legendary Item Panel earn Item Experience Points (IXP), so in general it's helpful to keep these slots filled. Dolven-view has repeatable instance quests that reward IXP and Iron Garrison reputation (either Guards or Miners). For more information on legendary items, see the New and Improved Legendary Item Guide.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

LOTRO Map of The Great Delving
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests nodes for the The Great Delving in progression (from A to B) and some points of interest (1 to 5).

Quest Hubs in The Great Delving

 LocLevelsQuest HubVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
8.1S, 116.1W
Durin's Threshold
8.6S 112.3W
Iron Garrison faction reps, item-master, IXP instances, legendary item barter vendors

Points of Interest in The Great Delving

First Mirror 8.0S, 111.9W For the Mirror Quest
2 Second Mirror 7.0S, 112.1W For the Mirror Quest
3 Third Mirror 6.8S, 112.8W For the Mirror Quest
4 Fourth Mirror 8.1S, 111.0W For the Mirror Quest
5 Fifth Mirror 7.2S, 111.2W For the Mirror Quest

Virtue Deeds in The Great Delving

Deeds for The Great Delving sort to Moria Central Halls in your deed log, along with Silvertine Lodes, Nud-Melek and Zelem-Melek. Between these zones, you'll want to complete 60 quests for a rank each of Innocence and Empathy. Non-instance slayer deeds are Moria-wide, so don't worry about finishing these until you are ready to leave Moria.

Quest Stalwart of the Central Levels Innocence 1 Complete 40 Quests Great Delving

Silvertine Lodes



Exemplar of the Central Levels Empathy 1 Complete 60 Quests Great Delving

Silvertine Lodes


Slayer Grodbog Slayer (Advanced) Compassion 1 Kill 360 Gertheryg Non-instance Moria zones Hunters
Slayer Goblin Slayer (Advanced) Justice 1 Kill 360 Goblins Non-instance Moria zones Everyone

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can work on in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful for surviving Moria and are relatively easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

The Epic Story and The Great Delving

LOTRO The Dwarf-lords Gate in The Great Delving

Volume II, Book 2 (52-53) has many steps in The Great Delving. Visit the Chamber of the Crossroads around level 52 so you can advance the epic story while questing in The Great Delving.

Crafting Nand The Great Delving

The Great Delving is a good zone for gathering Tier "6a"  crafting materials - Khazad-copper and Khazad-tin ore, Ilex woodSage lockers and especially Magnificent hides. Katub-zahar (7.0S 111.0W), aka The Library, is crawling with Deep Claws, making it one of the best spots in the games for collecting Magnificent hides. For crafting facilities, visit Twenty-first Hall.

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