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Leveling Guide to Durin's Way

Leveling Guide to Durin's Way

Zone levels 52-58
Content Pack: Mines of Moria Expansion
Mines of Moria Expansion includes:
Your first stop in Durin's Way will be The Chamber of the Crossroads, which you'll visit many times while doing Volume II of the epic story. The quests (levels 52-54) from The Chamber of the Crossroads for western Durin's Way are about the same level as Silvertine Lodes, so you'll want to alternate between the two.

After completing the first set of quests (54-55) from Jazargund, you'll unlock the Mirror quest for Durin's Way, a daily repeatable quest that rewards IXP, rep and your choice of level 51 to 60 potions.

Return to Jazargund around level 58 for quests to the Fanged Pit area in eastern Durin's Way, and a chance to work on the virtues deeds that can be advanced there.

Jazargund in eastern Durin's Way LOTRO
Completing 30 quests in Durin's way finishes the Hero of the Upper Levels deed and unlocks the swift travel route between Twenty-First Hall and First Hall (handy for getting to the starting area for Lothlorien, Dimril Dale).

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

LOTRO Map of Durin's Way
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests nodes for Durin's Way in progression (from A to D) and some points of interest (1 to 12).

Quest Hubs in Durin's Way

 LocationLevelsQuest HubVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
A 5.1S, 112.1W 52-54 The Chamber of the Crossroads x x x x Item-master
B 3.6S, 106.0W 54-55, 58-59 Jazargund x x x x Item-master
C 2.8S, 110.8W 56-58 Zirakzigil   x
  No quests here, just deeds and the Hall of Mirrors instance
D 5.5S, 108.9W 58, 60 Hadudbab      
Daily repeatable quests in the scholar crafting instances

Points of Interest

1 The Winding Way   Safe passage between Chamber of the Crossroads and Twenty-first Hall
2 Ghar-khafush 4.3S, 110.2W Also known as the "Bat Cave"
3 Mirror 3.6S, 109.1W For daily repeatable IXP quest from Jazargund
4 The Peaceful Path 2.9S, 107.2W Connects to Zirakzigil near the Hall of Mirrors instance
5 Jazargund 3.6S, 106.0W For Eastern Durin's Way deed
6 Hadad-dum 3.0S, 104.7W For Eastern Durin's Way deed
7 Fehem-dum 4.1S, 104.6W For Eastern Durin's Way deed
8 Tith-maudhul 2.7S, 101.8W For Eastern Durin's Way deed
9 Grishurbhurm 3.0S, 100.8W For Eastern Durin's Way deed
10 Khulturg 2.7S, 100.1W For Eastern Durin's Way deed
11 Skoiruzg 3.6S, 99.6W For Eastern Durin's Way deed
12 Dar-rukh 4.1S, 100.8W For Eastern Durin's Way deed

Virtue Deeds in Durin's Way

Deeds for Durin's Way sort to Moria Upper Levels in your deed log. You'll want to complete 20 quests here for a rank of Innocence. If you want the swift travel route between Twenty-first Hall and First Hall, complete 30 quests. Non-instance slayer deeds are Moria-wide.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can work on in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful for surviving Moria and are relatively easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

Quest Defender of the Upper Levels Innocence 1 Complete 20 Quests Durin's Way Everyone
Quest Hero of the Upper Levels Charity 1 Complete 30 Quests Durin's Way Unlocks Swift Travel between Twenty-First Hall and First Hall
Exploration Eastern Durin's Way Fidelity 1 Explore 8 Places Eastern Durin's Way Tanks and would be raiders
Slayer Goblin Slayer (Advanced) Justice 1 Kill 360 Goblins Non-instance Moria zones Everyone
Slayer Morroval Slayer (Advanced) Innocence 2 Kill 360 Morroval Eastern Durin's Way Everyone

The Epic Story in Durin's Way

The Chamber of the Crossroads is featured in many chapters of Volume II. Jumping down the well next to Bosi is a deadly short-cut to the Waterworks. Just have your Revive handy!

Crafting and Durin's Way

Quests for scholar crafting instances LOTRO
Durin's Way offers good gathering for Tier 6a crafting materials - Khazad-copper and Khazad-tin ore, Magnificent hides,Ilex wood and sage lockers. The nodes really pile up around Durin's Crossing, one of the best gathering areas for this tier. Some Khazad-gold and Khazad-iron ore can be found in the Fanged Pit in eastern Durin's Way. For crafting facilities, visit Twenty-first Hall.

Located along the Winding Way is Hadudbab, home of the the Scholar Crafting Instances. Anyone can run the daily quests for reputation and barter rewards, most notably Lothlorien Gold Leaves and IXP runes. Scholars can gather components from the node inside the instance twice a week - the "locks" on reset on Monday and Thursday.
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