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Leveling Guide to The Water-works

Leveling Guide to The Water-works

Zone levels 55-56
Content Pack: Mines of Moria Expansion
Mines of Moria Expansion includes:
Located in a massive watery cave, The Water-works offers great questing for levels 55-56. To get there, travel south from Silvertine Lodes or jump down the well in the Chamber of the Crossroads (you'll die, but end close to The Rotting Cellar when you release).

Although some folks don't like all the swimming, the zone is relatively small, packed with mobs and offers a lot of quests in fairly smooth progression. Completing quests here opens up the Water-works Mirror Quest (repeatable daily) which pays IXP and your choice of level 51-60 potions.

Instances Connected to The Water-works

Lord of Rings The Waterworks
The Water Wheels: Nala-dum is a 3-man group instance you visit for Volume II, Book 4. Boss encounters drop Medallions of Lothlorien and other loot.

Filikul, also called The Turtle, is a level 60 12-man raid instance, and the easiest raid available in LOTRO. The fight takes about 10 minutes once the raid is formed and ready and rewards Medallions of Moria and other loot.

Vile Maw, home of The Watcher, is a challenging level 60 12-man raid instance that requires each member to have at least 45 radiance from armor and rank 10 Innocence traited. Run this with an experienced team that has a strategy for each phase of the fight, which can last up to 45 minutes. Loot includes Platinum Coin of Spirit, the barter item for helm and shoulders for the Vile Maw armour set, and Medallions of Moria among other items.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

Lord of Rings Map of The Waterworks
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests node for The Water-works and some points of interest (1 to 12).

Quest Hubs

 LocLevelsQuest NodeVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
A 15.1S, 112.1W 55-56 The Rotting Cellar x x x x Item-master

Points of Interest in The Water-works

1 The Water Wheels: Nala-dum 14.1S, 112.7W Level 60 3 man instance; Camp site & Mustering Horn
2 Filikul 16.4S, 113.7W Level 60 12-main raid
3 Vile Maw 17.6S, 116.9W Level 60 12-main raid; Camp site & Mustering Horn
4 Durin's Beard 13.6S, 112.6W For "The Water-works" deed
5 Mirror 15.0S, 114.9W For daily repeatable mirror quest
5 The Lost Palace 15.0S, 114.9W For "The Water-works" deed
6 The Chamber of the Pool 15.5S, 115.3W For "The Water-works" deed
7 Narag-Kheleb 17.2S, 114.7W For "The Water-works" deed
8 The Great Wheel 17.7S, 115.6W For "The Water-works" deed
9 Harazgund 17.6S, 116.9W For "The Water-works" deed
10 The Chamber of Dark Waters 16.9S, 111.9W For "The Water-works" deed
11 The Lost Treasury 17.3S, 111.0W For "The Water-works" deed
12 The Chamber of Memory 18.2S, 111.6W For "The Water-works" deed

Virtue Deeds in The Water-works

Deeds for The Water-works sort to Moria Lower Deeps in your deed log. Unless you already have 10 ranks of Valour, kill every worm and spider you see.

Quest Warrior of the Shadows Empathy
Complete 40 Quests The Water-works
Redhorn Lodes
Flaming Deeps
Foundations of Stone
Swift Travel [1][2]
Quest Legend of the Deeps Innocence
Complete 60 Quests The Water-works
Redhorn Lodes
Flaming Deeps
Foundations of Stone
Exploration The Water-works Tolerance
Explore 8 Places The Water-works Anyone planning to raid
Slayer Worm Slayer (Advanced) Valour
Kill 360 Worms Non-instance Moria zones Everyone
Slayer Spider Slayer (Advanced) Valour
Kill 360 Spiders Non-instance Moria zones Everyone

[1] Unlocks Swift Travel between Twenty-First Hall and Shadowed Refuge
[2] Unlocks Swift Travel between First Hall and Shadowed Refuge

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can work on in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful for surviving Moria and are relatively easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

The Epic Story in The Water-works

Lord of Rings Dropping into the Waterworks

Volume II, Book 4: Fire and Water (56-57) sends you from the Chamber of Crossroads to The Water-works for a quest, as well as several other zones. You'll return again for Volume II, Book 8: Scourge of Khazad-dum at level 60 to destroy Gorothul's relic in The Water Wheels 3-man instance.

Crafting and The Water-works

Although it's possible to gather in The Water-works, we don't recommend it. There just aren't enough nodes to justify the effort and those pesky Deep Turtles (58) will aggro even level 65 players. Speaking of turtles, they can drop a Speckled Shell Fragment, a component for crafting the Peerless Turtle Shell Bracelet. Nearest crafting facilities are in Twenty-first Hall.

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