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Leveling Guide to Redhorn Lodes

Leveling Guide to Redhorn Lodes

Zone levels 55-56
Content Pack: Mines of Moria Expansion
Mines of Moria Expansion includes:
Another underground mine, the Redhorn Lodes offers good questing for levels 55-56. You'll want to split time between here and The Water-works, which offers quests for the same levels.

Completing quests from The Orc-watch unlocks the daily Mirror quest (IXP and level 51-60 potions). Prospectors will love Redhorn Lodes for its abundant ore nodes and the ore crafting instances.

LOTRO Redhorn Lodes from The Grand Stairs

Instances in Redhorn Lodes

The Grand Stairs is a level 58+ 6-man group instance with a multitude of quests (mostly from The Orc-watch) and deeds. Like other Moria instances, loot includes Medallions of Moria and rare jewelry drops. Hunters will want to visit here to complete their level 58 class quests.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

LOTRO Redhorn Lodes Map
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests nodes for Redhorn Lodes in progression (from A to C) and some points of interest (1 to 9).

Quest Hubs in Redhorn Lodes

 LocLevelsQuest HubVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
A 55-56 11.1S, 106.9W The Orc-watch
Barter vendors, item-master, Iron Garrison faction reps
B 56 13.3S, 104.6W Kuli's Camp

A couple of quests for the Chittering Hole
C 58, 60 13,0S, 105.7W Gharaf-fehem 

Ore crafting instances

Points of Interest in Redhorn Lodes

1 Mirror 12.5S, 103.1W For daily quest
2 The Tailing Pit 10.3S, 105.8W For The Redhorn Lodes deed
3 Menem-Mezel 12.0S, 105.7W For The Redhorn Lodes deed
4 Malmezel 12.5S, 106.2W For The Redhorn Lodes deed
5 Ashpar's Command 11.4S, 103.5W For The Redhorn Lodes deed
6 Budkhul-beken 10.8S, 103.2W For The Redhorn Lodes deed, reached from Nud-Melek
7 Sigin-Tharakh 10.1S, 101.1W For The Redhorn Lodes deed, just inside Nud-Melek
8 The Gate of Ruin 10.2S, 103.9W For The Redhorn Lodes deed, near The Grand Stair
9 The Grand Stair 10.3S, 103.9W Camp site, mustering horn


Virtue Deeds in Redhorn Lodes

Deeds for Redhorn Lodes sort to Moria Lower Deeps in your deed log. Tactical classes (Minstrel, Lore-master and Rune-keeper) will want to complete The Redhorn Lodes exploration deed for an easy rank of Wisdom.

Quest Warrior of the Shadows Empathy 1 Complete 40 Quests The Water-works
Redhorn Lodes
Flaming Deeps
Foundations of Stone
Quest Legend of the Deeps Innocence 1 Complete 60 Quests The Water-works
Redhorn Lodes
Flaming Deeps
Foundations of Stone
Swift Travel [1][2]
Exploration The Redhorn Lodes Wisdom 1 Explore 8 Places Redhorn Lodes Tactical Classes
Slayer Spider Slayer (Advanced) Valour 1 Kill 360 Spiders Non-instance Moria zones Everyone
Slayer Grodbog Slayer (Advanced) Discipline 1 Kill 360 Gertheryg Non-instance Moria zones Melee DPS Classes
Slayer Orc Slayer (Advanced) Determination 1 Kill 360 Orcs Non-instance Moria zones Hunters
Slayer Globsnaga Slayer (Advanced) Compassion 1 Kill 360 Globsnagas Non-instance Moria zones Hunters
Slayer Deep-Claw Slayer (Advanced) Tolerance 1 Kill 360 Deep-Claws Non-instance Moria zones Would-be raiders

[1] Unlocks Swift Travel between Twenty-First Hall and Shadowed Refuge
[2] Unlocks Swift Travel between First Hall and Shadowed Refuge

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can work on in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful for surviving Moria and are relatively easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

The Epic Story and Redhorn Lodes

Volume II of the epic story bypasses Redhorn Lodes, except for some private instances that use Redhorn Lodes as the setting. In other words, you won't be questing here for the epic.

Crafting and Redhorn Lodes

LOTRO Redhorn Lodes Mirror

Redhorn Lodes offers both lower Tier "6a" and upper Tier "6b" gathering. This means you can see a Khazad-copper node right next to a Khazad-iron node anywhere in the zone, making Redhorn Lodes one of the best places for mid-level 50s players to gather the higher level Tier "6b" resources (Khazad-iron and Khazad-gold Ore, Mallorn Wood, Sage Caskets).

The exception is leather. Extraordinary hides drop from level 57+ beasts now, so you won't see any in Redhorn Lodes. All beasts here drop Magnificent Hides. The nearest crafting facilities are in Twenty-First Hall..

Redhorn Lodes is also home to Gharaf-fehem, the Ore Crafting Instances. Anyone can run the daily quests for reputation and barter rewards, most notably Lothlorien Gold Leaves and IXP runes. Prospectors can gather components from the ore nodes inside the instance twice a week - the "locks" on reset on Monday and Thursday.

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