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Guide to Enedwaith

Guide to Enedwaith

Wood troll in the Mournshaws
Updated for the November Update (coming November 29th).

Level 65
Content Pack:
VIP or Enedwaith Quest Pack
Enedwaith Quest Pack includes:

Designed for players at the level 65 cap, Enedwaith offers a bunch of quests and two reputation factions in addition to the latest installment of the epic book.

For most players, the journey to Enedwaith starts with Elrond in Rivendell since that's where Volume 3, Book 2 starts. The epic story will lead you south through Eregion to Enedwaith. For players wanting to check out the zone sooner, ride south-east from Echad Mirobel (look for To Enedwaith on your map), or purchase the Return to Enedwaith skill from the LOTRO Store.

Reputation In Enedwaith

LOTRO Enedwaith Barter Tokens
Enedwaith barter tokens are earned as quest rewards
While it's relatively easy to raise your reputation with the Grey Company, befriending the Algraig is quite a bit tougher. You'll get close to Ally with the Grey Company just by doing the epic and zone quests, which you can finish off via daily quests. Setting aside gear upgrades and emotes (these can be pretty subjective), the notable Grey Company rewards are:
  • Muster In Harndirion (Friend, 62 Warden)
  • Guide to Harndirion (Friend, 62 Hunter)
  • Grey Company Steed (Kindred)

On the other hand, you'll only get to mid-Acquaintance with the Algraig after completing the zone quests. After the November Update launches, there will be seven repeatable quests for Algraig rep, for a total of 6,700 rep per day. For the Algraig, the notable rewards are:
  • Return to Enedwaith skill (Kindred)
  • Algraig Steed (Kindred)
Enedwaith Rep Mounts, images courtesy of Jadzi
Grey Company (left) and Algraig (right) reputation mounts.

While the Return to Enedwaith skill is handy, the cost makes it unlikely folks will grind to Kindred just for this, especially as this can be purchased in the LOTRO Store. It is much more likely that some players will earn Kindred for one or both of the reputation horses, although several reputation mounts added in the November Update will have as much or more morale than the Enedwaith rep horses. The daily quests in Thror's Coomb are the fastest way to earn the Gold Tokens of the Wilds needed.

The Algraig Grind Gets Easier

As of the November Update, there are seven daily quests that reward Algraig reputation. It is possible to reduce that number to 6, based on a choice you make while questing, though with the added daily quests, it's less of a problem than before.

Unlocking Protecting the Herd - Repeatable

Once you complete the regular version of the Feeding the Company quest you are given a choice between "Feeding the Company - Repeatable" or "A Matter of Doubt". Take "A Matter of Doubt" if you want to keep your Algraig options open. The quest sends you to Uch Cadlus, and after a little back and forth opens the Uch Cadlus quest hub. Complete the Uch Cadlus quests (one at a time) until you've unlocked "Protecting the Herd - Repeatable", the seventh Algraig daily quest.

Daily Algraig Reputation Quests

QuestStarts WithRewards
Protecting the Herd (repeat) Davudh at Uch Cadlus +900 rep, Golden Token, IXP
Dark Spirits of the Windfells (repeat) Iuan at Gavar Cadlus +1200 rep, 4 Silver Tokens, IXP
Shadows of Fear (repeat) Iuan at Gavar Cadlus +1200 rep, 4 Silver Tokens, IXP
Marauders of Nan Laeglin (repeat) Siorun Brehur in Lhaunch +700 rep, 3 Silver Tokens, IXP
Signs Among the Ashes (repeat) Guladus Brehures in Lhaunch +900 rep, 4 Silver Tokens, IXP
Silence the Sentries (repeat) Gruno north of Harndirion +900 rep, 4 Silver Tokens, IXP
The Half-orcs (repeat) Siorun Brehur in Lhaunch +900 rep, 4 Silver Tokens, IXP

Quest Hubs in Enedwaith

LOTRO Enedwaith Map
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests nodes for Enedwaith in progression (from A to P) and a point of interest (1).

LocLevelsQuest NodeVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
A 58.5S, 14.6W 65 Echad Dagoras x x x x Grey Company faction rep, item-master
B 61.8S, 14.1W 65 Gavar Cadlus

C 63.8S, 17.5W 65 Echad Saeradan x

D 65.1S, 16.4W 65 Och Cadlus

Unlocked by "A Matter of Doubt" quest
E 66.5S, 17.2W 65 Lhanuch x x x x Algraig faction rep, crafting facilities, item-master, vault-keeper
F 63.5S, 21.5W 65 Echad Idhrenfair

Camp site
G 62.5S, 23.2W 65 Maur Tulhau x x x x Item-master
H 66.6S, 21.5W 65 Echad Daervunn x x x x Camp site
I 67.6S, 21.9W 65 Galar Culch

J 69.1S, 22.4W 65 Gwaed Brun

K 70.6S, 15.5W 65 Ranger Mincham

L 72.1S, 16.1W 65 The Hall of Sanctuary

M 72.7S, 14.8W 65 Ranger Camp x

x Camp site
N 67.4S, 13.9W 65 Gronu

O 69.7S, 13.7W 65 Harndirion x x x x Bard, camp site, class trainers, Grey Company faction rep, item-master, skirmish camp
P 65.7S, 8.6W 65 Nar's Peak/Zudrugund

x Camp site

Points of Interest in Enedwaith

1 The Crone's Ferry 67.1S, 22.8W North port location
1 The Crone's Ferry 72.3S, 22.7W South port location

Deeds in Enedwaith

All of the deeds in Enedwaith are in our TP Finder Tool, including the locations for all the exploration quests and the hidden "Fisher King" deed (not going to spoil it for you here).

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