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Volume III, Book 2 Epic Story

Volume III, Book 2 Epic Story: Maps and More

LOTRO Volume 3 Book 2
The newest chapter of the LOTRO Epic Story line is Volume III, Book 2: The Ride of the Grey Company. The rangers you gathered in Volume III, Book 1 are now assembled in Rivendell and you travel with them through Eregion to Enedwaith as they begin the journey to rejoin Aragorn.

Volume III, Book 2 unfolds in 15 chapters, all soloable, and features a new public dungeon and a session play chapter. There are also some interesting rewards you should be aware of. We won't spoil it for you much, but beware - Minas Elendur map enclosed!

Where to Start

Volume III, Book 2 starts with Elrond in the Last Homely House in Rivendell.

Some Rewards to Consider

LOTRO Erebrandir's Horseshoe
Epic books usually have some special rewards, and Volume III, Book 2 is no exception:
  • Most of the chapters award Grey Company reputation, and Item XP. Later chapters also award Enedwaith barter items.
  • Chapter 4 includes an enigmatic reward among the choices: Erebrandir's Horseshoe. We don't know what this does (if anything), and the devs aren't saying.
  • Chapter 5 offers the Numenorean Uruk-slayer weapon title among the reward choices. You can barter for this title in Enedwaith too.
  • Chapter 7 awards a Scroll of Empowerment, and chapter 11 awards a Scroll of Delving.
  • Chapter 8 awards a spiffy teal helm, and chapter 15 awards nice teal pants. Neither have radiance but otherwise the stats are quite respectable for a level 65 player.

New Public Dungeon: Minas Elendur + Delotham

Chapters 6 and 7 send you into a pair of instances that form a new public dungeon in Eregion (48.6S, 6.5W). Minas Elendur is a multi-level zone that sits directly above Delotham. Except for the entrance, every door here takes you to the other zone. And there are lots of doors!

The epic story asks you to find treasure coffers and kill uruks. There's also an optional exploration deed here, "Exploration from Top to Bottom". You'll likely find most of the 23 points-of-interest while completing chapter 7. A few of the points are hidden away in spots that can only be reached from a specific door (in the other zone, of course). It's a puzzle! The following map provides a spoiler, if you need a little help finding those last couple of points.

LOTRO Map of Minas Elendur & Delotham

Minas Elendur
A Statue in the Courtyard of Minas Elendur
B South-west Corner of Minas Elendur
C Enclosed Porch in Minas Elendur
D Circular Courtyard in Minas Elendur
E South-east Corner in Minas Elendur
F South-east Aisle in Minas Elendur
G Isolated Chamber in Minas Elendur
H Dimly-Lit, Pillared Room in Minas Elendur
I Windowed Chamber in Minas Elendur
J Room of Doors in Minas Elendur
K Room of Dread in Minas Elendur
L Northern Room in Minas Elendur
M Large Balcony in Minas Elendur
N South-West Corner of Delotham
O Illuminated Room in Delotham
P Rubble-filled Room in Delotham
Q Buried Room in Delotham
R Four-corridor Junction in Delotham
S Illuminated Bend in Delotham
T Central Chamber in Delotham
U Collapsed Corner in Delotham
V Sunken Chamber in Delotham
W Northern Chamber in Delotham


















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