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Volume III, Book 1 Epic Story

Volume III, Book 1 Epic Story: Maps and More

The latest installment of the LOTRO Epic Story line, Volume III, Book 1: Oath of Rangers, asks you to round up the Dúnedain rangers across Eriador to ride to the aid of Aragorn in Rohan. Volume III, Book 1 unfolds in 9 chapters, all soloable, and features two new public dungeons and a new skirmish situated in The Rift of Nurz Gashu. There are also some very interesting rewards you should be aware of. We won't spoil it for you much (beware, maps enclosed!), but do have a few helpful suggestions. Let's ride!

Where to Start

Volume III, Book 1 starts at the elf Pethelen, who is standing just outside the Last Homely House in Rivendell.

Some Rewards to Consider

Epic books usually have some special rewards, and Volume III, Book 1 is no exception:
  • Some of the chapters give you a choice of rewards between a scroll to improve a legendary item and a one-use map to make the quest go faster. Unless you are really pressed for time, consider the scrolls.
  • Chapter 5 rewards some spiffy shoulders.
  • Chapter 6 includes a very special reward among the choices: the Numenorean Beast-master weapon title seems tailor-made for the Lieutenant fight in Barad Guldur.
  • Chapter 8 unlocks the new Rescue in Nurz Gashu skirmish.
  • Finally, completing the book awards a Scroll of Empowerment. Woot!

New Public Dungeons: Laenan Caves and Tham Umdur

Laenan Caves, in the far north-west corner of Trollshaws (24.8S, 17.7W), is the setting for Chapter 1. As with all public dungeons, expect this to be overrun in the first days after the book release. Head down the right tunnel to the big room at the back for a better shot at bagging an Orc-leader.

Tham Umdur, in the far east of North Downs (7.9S, 33.3W), is the setting for Chapter 5. Because of the multi-level design, the statues can be hard to find and get to. Map to the rescue!

New Skirmish: Rescue in Nurz Gashu

To unlock "Rescue in Nurz Gashu", you must be level 65 and start Chapter 8 of Volume 3, Book 1 of the epic story line by speaking with Corunir in Aughaire. The "Rescue in Nurz Gashu" is the only skirmish (for now) where you can earn Lefnuilan Campaign Marks for the new Rift cosmetic gear, including some great looking helms. See the Rift Cosmetic Clothing guide on A Casual Stroll to Mordor.
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