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Haudh Iarchith: The Barrows of Bree-land

Haudh Iarchith: The Barrows of Bree-land

LOTRO Haudh Nogbenn
Updated for the November Update!

Once a single larger instance, Haudh Iarchith, the Men of Bree reputation dungeon, has been broken up into 10 smaller barrows each with its own entrance. With so many smaller barrows it can be hard to both find them all and to know what you will find there. Maps to the rescue!

November Update Changes

Two changes to Haudh Iarchith are coming in the November Update:
  • Each of the barrows will now have a unique name, with only the original Haudh Iarchith still named that. The maps below have been updated with this change.
  • The minimum level for Haudh Iarchith deeds has been lowered to 20, with the exception of Execution of the Wicked. If you know the minimum level for this deed, please share!

It's About the Rep

The main reason to go to Haudh Iarchith is to work on Men of Bree reputation. Starting at level 20, you can pick up daily quests from the Hunting Lodge in Bree. Between repeatable quests and the stacks of reputation barter items dropped by mobs in Haudh Iarchith, it is fairly easy to earn Kindred status by level 25 or so.

Other reasons to go:
  • Haudh Iarchith is a great place to pick up Tier 2 scholar components. You may even find a few Tier 3 nodes.
  • Epic Volume 1, Book 14, Chapter 9 (level 50) of the epic story sends you to Tomb of Maenadar.

Finding the Right Barrow

The maps below show the entrances to the various barrows that make up Haudh Iarchith. All are entered from either Norther or Southern Barrows Downs.

LOTRO Barrow Downs North map
LOTRO Barrow Downs South map
[Click maps to enlarge]

 BarrowLocQuestsDeedsNamed [1]
A The Barrow of Taradan 30.9S, 55.0W Gathering Ancient Texts
Gathering the Shards
Brood Hunter Gwigon (20 Elite)
B The Barrow of Ringdor 31.2S, 54.7W Gathering Ancient Texts
Gathering the Shards
  Umnen (20 Elite)
C Haudh Methernil 31.5S, 55.5W Gathering Ancient Texts
Gathering the Shards
  Marrow (20 Elite)
D Haudh Taenthond 30.3S, 56.1W Gathering Ancient Texts
Gathering the Shards
E Hautham 30.3S, 55.9W Gathering the Shards    
F Haudh Nogbenn 33.0S, 55.3W Gathering Grave Moss Grave-digger Brishzel (20 Elite Master)
G Goetham 33.7S, 53.9W   Grave-digger
Nemesis of the Fallen
Faegfaer (20 Elite)
H Gwantham 34.6S, 54.3W Gathering Grave Moss Grave-digger  
I Tomb of Maenadar 35.1S, 55.3W Vol I, Bk 14, Chap 9  Grave-digger
J Haudh Iarchith 35.1S, 55.1W (left)   Grave-digger
Nemesis of the Fallen
Fergandir (20 Elite)
1 - Named bosses respawn in 10 minutes.

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