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Make LOTRO Gold by Slaying

Make LOTRO Gold by Slaying

After level 25 or so, you can make good gold by slaying masses of mobs. This is the level at which you can start killing level 20+ mobs quickly and efficiently. For some reason, lower level mobs have dramatically less coin and other valuable loot, so spend your pre-level 25 effort on getting leveled up.

Location Location Location

When selecting a slaying location, there are a few things you should look for.
  • Good density of one type of mob to maximize stackable vendor loot. Killing multiple mob types will make your bags fill faster.
  • Close to a vendor and mailbox so you can empty your bags quickly and get back to slaying.
  • Little if any competition. If mobs are scarce because other are questing, deeding or farming in the area, move to another location or come back later.

Humanoids vs. Creatures

Both humanoids and creatures can be profitable targets for mass slaying. Humanoids usually drop coin and often have chests nearby for more coin. Coin is good! However, humanoids are more likely to drop stuff that doesn't stack (including rare items) or needs to be sold on the Auction House. Creatures, on the other hand, usually drop stackable loot, which can mean fewer trips to a vendor to sell.

If you choose to slay in duos or small fellowships, concentrate on signature or elite humanoids. They drop significantly more coin than their normal counterparts, and the coin splits automatically between group members.

Kill Fast

For efficient grinding you'll want to be able to kill non-stop. To better manage pulls, it helps if the mobs are grey con to you. Ideally, you should be at least 5 levels higher than the top of the level range for the area. If the kill rate feels slow, move to an easier area.

Free and Premium players grinding for XP are the exception to this rule. You'll need to find the sweet spot between XP per mob and kill speed. Consider grouping up to kill signatures and elites.

Make Your Deeding Count

Deed areas may not be the absolute best gold per hour, it is an effective use of your time if you can complete a deed at the same time (TP, woot!). The downside to gold grinding in a deed area is competition from other people who also need the deed. If there's not enough mobs to go around, considering grouping up or moving to another location.

Reputation Items

Now that reputation deeds pay TP, expect reputation barter items to be in demand. Check the Auction House if this is a factor in your farming location choice to see which are selling best.

Where to Farm

There are literally hundreds of good slaying locations across Middle-earth. Most areas are pretty consistent by level, mob type and mob difficulty. However, there are areas where the mobs drop next to nothing. If you hit one of these, move on. Below are some suggestions, to give you a feel for what you are looking for in a slaying location.

The Bree-land public dungeon, Haudh Iarchith, offers excellent slaying and vendors nearby. The dungeon is tiered, with level 20 normal, signature and elite mobs, great for duos and groups wanting to work together. Be sure to pickup the repeatable Men of Bree reputation quests before heading there.

The Lone-lands is loaded with good farming spots. Glumhallow, near Weathertop, is a great spot to slay level 22 orcs, but it usually camped. Iorvinas, has great density of level 27 orcs and dourhands, and you can pop out into Mithrenost or Ost Cyrn if it is too busy. There is even a vendor at the door. The level 29 regular and signature undead at Nan Dhelu, are also good slaying, with a vendor nearby in Dol Vaeg.

Just outside Trestlebridge in North Downs are a number of level 23 orcs camps in the Greenway. If the largest (15.5 S, 51.7W) is camped, slay level 24 orcs and goblins in nearby Nan Wrathen. The Snares, near Esteldin, has level 27 spiders and the occasional cocoon (chest). For duos, try out the level 30 signature trolls in Taur Gonwaith (corpses are chests) and Etten Caves.

At the low end of the level range in Evendim, Barad Tharsir (level 32 normals) has great mob density and advances a deed. There are usually plenty of mobs, even with questers around. The nearest vendor and mailbox are a bit of a hike in Tinnudir. At level 50, the Angmarim (both normals and sigs) west of the encampment of Echad Garthadir in Anniminas are excellent slaying and close to a vendor.

Trollshaws lacks good slaying near its stable points. If you are in Trollshaws at night though, it is worth the trek from Thorenhad up to Minas Ciliant/Ost Chal to slay wights.

The High Pass area of Misty Mountains has great density of level 45+ mobs, at well as good tier 5 mining. The level 44 elite giants and trolls in the Giant Halls area are excellent for duos or groups working on the deeds.

The trouble with most of Forochel is mob density. There are some concentration of mobs, but they tend to be for quests, so competition can be a problem. The pockets of level 47 sabertooths are great for hide farming. The level 49 Dourhands Dwarves in Icereave Mines, very near Zigilgund, offer good slaying and advance a deed.

Angmar is loaded with good farming spots. The many orc and Angmarim encampments offer great mob density and vendors are well spaced throughout the zone. The fire-worms, popular for a Valour deed, have also have great density and stackable loot. The level 48 elite trolls in Maethad and Grishbalt are excellent for duos or groups and advance a deed.

The Ered Luin public dungeon, Sarnur, offers excellent slaying and is close to a vendor and mailbox. The dungeon is tiered, with level 44-49 normal, signature and elite mobs, great for duos and groups wanting to work together. Turn in the reputation barter items that drop there in Thorin's Hall.

In Eregion, Barad Morlas has a great population of level 49 half-orcs and can handle some competition from questers and deeders. Munudh Cadlus (55.8S, 11.6W) has a good density of level 52 Dunlendings and will be familiar to some as the setting for "Midnight Raid".

The trick in Moria is to find good density of a single type of mob. At these levels, you'll need to be 7 levels above the highest level mob for everything in the area to be non-aggro. Even still Moria is loaded with good farming spots. Start in The Great Delving and
focus on slayer deeds first.





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