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10 Easy Ranks of Empathy

10 Easy Ranks of Empathy

LOTRO Empathy values at rank 10
Providing a big boost to Armor, Fate and Fear Resist Rating, Empathy is a popular survivability virtue for all classes, especially while leveling. Can you solo all 10 ranks? Which are the easiest ranks (relatively) of Empathy to earn?

Empathy is one of the virtues you'll earn several ranks of just by completing a certain number of quests in specific zones. This makes it an easy to pick up while leveling, especially if your leveling plan includes those zones.
  • Shadows of Angmar, the original game, offers 8 ranks solo. An additional rank is available from killing undead in Barad Gularan, a 6-man fellowship instance in Angmar.
  • Hobbits can get another rank by slotting the Virtuous Hobbit racial trait, at least until you have something better to trait. Get this by buying Award of Hobbit Virtue at the Mathom House in Michel Delving (Friend standing with the Mathom Society required).
  • If you own the Mines of Moria expansion, you can earn another 2 ranks solo and 2 ranks in group instances.
  • If you own the Siege of Mirkwood expansion, you can kill wargs throughout the zone for one more rank.

Ten Easiest Ranks of Empathy

Most of your ranks of Empathy will come from Quest Completion deeds. Our list of the ten easiest ranks of Empathy includes 9 deeds awarding 10 ranks.
  1. Bree-land Adventurer
  2. Life of a Bounder (Advanced)
  3. Of Glories Long Past
  4. Peril of the Mountains (Advanced)
  5. Marching into Shadow (Final) - 2 ranks!
  6. Forochel Survivor
  7. Silent and Restless (Final)
  8. Exemplar of the Central Levels
  9. Warrior of the Shadows

Complete List of Empathy Deeds

DeedRanksZoneLevelObjectiveGroup SizeWhere to Hunt
Shadows of Angmar: 8 deeds/9 ranks + 1 race trait
Bree-land Adventurer 1 Bree-land 10 Complete 15 Quests Solo  
Life of a Bounder (Advanced) 1 The Shire 15 Complete 40 Quests Solo  
Of Glories Long Past 1 North Downs 25 Complete 15 Quests Solo  
Award of Hobbit Virtue 1 Hobbit Racial Trait 35 Friend with Mathom Society Solo Quest in The Shire, barter reputation items
Peril of the Mountains (Advanced) 1 Misty Mountains 42 Complete 20 Quests Solo  
Marching into Shadow (Final) 2 Angmar 45 Complete 30 Quests Solo  
Forochel Survivor 1 Forochel 45 Complete 20 Quests Solo  
Silent and Restless (Final) 1 Eregion 50 Complete 60 Quests Solo  
The Dead That Live (Advanced) 1 Barad Gularan 50 Kill 180 Dead Fellowship The Barad Gularan instance in Angmar
Mines of Moria: 4 deeds/4 ranks
Exemplar of the Central Levels 1 Moria Central Halls 54 Complete 60 Quests Solo Quest in The Great Delving, The Silvertine Lodes, Nud-Melek and Zelem-Melek (from Orc-watch)
Warrior of the Shadows 1 Moria Lower Deeps 56 Complete 40 Quests Solo Quest in The Water-works, Redhorn Lodes, Flaming Deeps and Foundations of Stone
Beasts of the Grand Stair (Advanced) 1 Grand Stairs 58 Kill 180 Wargs Fellowship The Grand Stair instance in Redhorn Lodes
Eyes of the Enemy (Advanced) 1 Fil Gashan 60 Kill 240 Orcs Solo The Fil Gashan instance in Flaming Deeps
Siege of Mirkwood: 1 deed/1 rank
Warg Slayer (Advanced) 1 Mirkwood 62 Kill 240 Wargs Solo Mirk-eaves, Dourstocks, Taur Morvith, Gathburz, Ashenglades
- "Level" is the level you should be able to complete the deed with the "Group Size" shown.
- For Slayer deeds, the objective shown includes the number needed for both the regular and advanced deeds.

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