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10 Easy Ranks of Innocence

10 Easy Ranks of Innocence

LOTRO Innocence virtue
While Innocence boosts Poison Resist Rating and Shadow Defence, it gets its real star power from Melee Defence Rating - the ability to reduce damage from incoming melee attacks, regardless of type. This is especially helpful in harder and higher-level content where fewer melee attacks will be Common damage. The tooltip is tongue-in-cheek accurate - your innocence really can be used as a shield! So, which are the easiest ranks (relatively) of Innocence to earn?

Shadows of Angmar, the original game, offers only 6 ranks of Innocence solo and two additional ranks that require a full fellowship to complete. However, if you own the Mines of Moria expansion, the picture is much rosier. Another 6 ranks are available solo, including 3 for completing quests.

Ten Easiest Ranks of Innocence

Innocence would be an even more difficult trait to raise, except for 3 separate deeds that reward 2 ranks of Innocence each. Yumm!
  1. Life of a Bounder (Final) - 2 ranks!
  2. Deeds in the Wilderness
  3. Pilgrim of Evendim
  4. Peril of the Mountains (Final) - 2 ranks!
  5. Defender of the Upper Levels
  6. Stalwart of the Central Levels
  7. Morroval-slayer (Advanced) - 2 ranks!

Complete List of Innocence Deeds

DeedRanksZoneLevelObjectiveGroup SizeWhere to Hunt
Shadows of Angmar: 6 deeds/6 ranks + 1 race trait
Life of a Bounder (Final) 2 The Shire 15 Complete 75 Quests Solo  
Deeds in the Wilderness 1 Trollshaws 34 Complete 10 Quests Solo  
Pilgrim of Evendim 1 Evendim 36 Complete 20 Quests Solo  
Peril of the Mountains (Final) 2 Misty Mountains 45 Complete 30 Quests Solo  
The Ancient Evil of Carn Dum (Advanced) 1 Carn Dum 50 Kill 180 Morroval Fellowship Carn Dum instance (Angmar)
Leaders of the Invasion (Advanced) 1 Annuminas 50 Kill 5 Bosses Fellowship Defeat outside bosses in Annuminas (Evendim): Agarochir (Tirband), Guldurchir (Menelband), Sirdán (Gwaelband), Unagh (Clorhir), Valtair (near Echad Garthadir)
Mines of Moria: 6 deeds/7 ranks
Defender of the Upper Levels 1 Moria Upper Levels 52 Complete 20 Quests Solo Quest in Durin's Way
Stalwart of the Central Levels 1 Moria Central Halls 54 Complete 40 Quests Solo Quest in The Great Delving, The Silvertine Lodes, Nud-Melek and Zelem-Melek (from Orc-watch)
Morroval Slayer (Advanced) 2 Moria 58 Kill 360 Morroval Solo Fanged Pit in eastern Durin's Way
Orc-slayer (Advanced) 1 Lothlorien 60 Kill 360 Orcs Solo Daily repeatable quests from Talan Fanuidhol and Talan Gwilith is a good way to chip away at this deed.
Legend of the Deeps 1 Moria Lower Deeps 60 Complete 60 Quests Solo Quest in The Water-works, Redhorn Lodes, Flaming Deeps and Foundations of Stone
The Horrors with Many Legs (Advanced) 1 Skumfil 60 Kill 300 Gredbyg Fellowship The Skumfil instance in Foundations of Stone
- "Level" is the level you should be able to complete the deed with the "Group Size" shown.
- For Slayer deeds, the objective shown includes the number needed for both the regular and advanced deeds.

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