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10 Easy Ranks of Valour

10 Easy Ranks of Valour

LOTRO Valour virtue trait
Providing a big boost to Morale, non-Combat Morale Regen and Might, Valour is a popular survivability virtue for all classes. As you level, you'll get many opportunities to join grinding groups for the various Valour deeds. But is grinding the fastest way to get to max rank 10? Can you solo all 10 ranks? Which deeds are the easiest to complete?

The answer depends on which content you own. While it is possible to get to rank 10 Valour with just the Shadows of Angmar edition, you'll have to kill hundreds of elite monsters in a group, including every boss in Carn Dum. Very grindy. If you own the Mines of Moria expansion, the picture gets much rosier. MoM offers 5 ranks of Valour, two from exploration deeds and all easier to attain than the 5 toughest ranks in Shadows of Angmar. If you own the Siege of Mirkwood expansion, there is another exploration deed for one more rank of Valour.

Bottom line, this means if you own all the content you can enter Moria with only 4 ranks of Valour. While the extra morale would help you survive in Moria, so would a Cup of Red Tea or some Mushy Green Peas. Each point of vitality translates into 3 morale for most classes (5 morale for tanks), plus bonuses to resists and mitigations. This approach can be pricey if you don't have a cook friend, but will save you so much time. You'll still have 10 ranks of Valour by the time you reach level 65 and with much less grinding. And a strange fondness for tea and peas.

Ten Easiest Ranks of Valour

What makes one deed easy relative to another? Total time invested to earn the trait after you are done questing in the area. It takes time to put together a group, travel and defeat piles of mobs for slayer deeds, especially elites. Here's our list of the 10 easiest:
  1. The Shire Goblin Slayer (Advanced)
  2. Bree-land Orc-slayer (Advanced)
  3. The Lone-lands Goblin Slayer (Advanced)
  4. The Lone-lands Orc-slayer (Advanced)
  5. Moria Worm-slayer (Advanced) - 2 ranks!
  6. Moria Spider-slayer (Advanced)
  7. The Foundations of Stone exploration deed
  8. Caras Galadhon City of the Lord and Lady exploration deed
  9. Evil Strongholds of Mirkwood exploration deed

Complete List of Valour Deeds

DeedRanksZoneLevelObjectiveGroup SizeWhere to Hunt
Goblin-slayer (Adv) 1 The Shire 13 Kill 90 goblins Solo Northern Greenfields
Trouble in Tuckborough skirmish (level 30+)
Orc-slayer (Adv) 1 Bree-land 19 Kill 90 orcs Solo Quests from Greenway Fort
Cirith Nur (20.8S, 54.9W)
Orcs camps in Eastern Bree-fields.
Goblin-slayer (Adv) 1 The Lone-lands 23 Kill 180 goblins Solo Quests from Forsaken Inn
Volume I, Book 2
Minas Eriol (36.2S, 39.1W)
Weatherfoot (31.9S, 38.6W).
Orc-slayer (Adv) 1 The Lone-lands 27 Kill 180 orcs Solo Volume I, Book 2
Quests from Ost Guruth
Glumhallow (29.9S, 38.4W)
Ost Cyrn (33.6S, 30.9W)
Worm-slayer (Adv) 1 Trollshaws 42 Kill 270 worms Solo Nan Tornaeth (28.2S, 15.3W)
Cirith Ulunn (37.6S, 11.2W)
Ford of Bruinen skirmish (level 55+)
Worm-slayer (Adv) 1 Angmar 48 Kill 450 worms Solo Salgaite (2.6S, 30.6W)
Troll-slayer (Adv) 1 Misty Mountains 44 Elite Kill 240 trolls Small Fellowship Path in SW corner of Giant Halls
Troll-kicker (Adv) 1 Sarnur
(Ered Luin instance)
47 Elite Kill 300 trolls Small Fellowship Lower level of Sarnur (20.6S 103.3W)
The Trolls of Urugarth (Adv) 1 Urugarth
(Angmar instance)
48 Sig Kill 180 trolls Small Fellowship Just inside the entrance
Champions of Carn Dûm (Final) 1 Carn Dum
(Angmar instance)
52 Nemesis Kill 12 bosses Fellowship Carn Dum
Mines of Moria: 4 deeds/5 ranks
Worm-slayer (Adv) 2 Moria 57 Kill 360 worms Solo The Water-works
Flaming Deeps, especially the north platform of The Burning Stair (15.8S, 110.6W)
Spider-slayer (Adv) 1 Moria 60 Kill 360 spiders Solo The Lost Palace (15.0S 114.9W) in The Water-works
Daily Mirror quest (56) from Rotting Cellar
Daily Spider Nest IXP instance (60) in Dolven-View
The Foundations of Stone 1 Foundations of Stone 60 Find 5 Places Solo or Duo
City of the Lord and Lady 1 Caras Galadhrim 60 Find 9 Places Solo You'll need Friend standing with the Galadhrim to enter Caras Galadhon
Siege of Mirkwood: 1 deed/1 rank
Evil Strongholds of Mirkwood 1 Mirkwood 65 Find 6 Places Solo
- "Level" is the level you should be able to complete the deed with the "Group Size" shown.
- For Slayer deeds, the objective shown includes the number needed for both the regular and advanced deeds.

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