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About Aragorn's Allies

  Whatever your origins, nationality or religion might be, whatever qualifications you may or may not have, whatever your social or professional status might be, whether you are married or single, noob or grognard, Aragorn's Allies offers you a chance to adventure with friends.

  Join Aragorn's Allies and build yourself an exceptional future in which teamwork and tolerance are fundamental values. Ours is a kinship made up of every class, race and level, and we have enjoyed laughing and questing together since its inception on 5/14/2008.  Our rank 10 kinship has been steadily growing and adding dedicated players with positive attitudes enabling us to reach some of the highest levels of the LoTRO experience.

  Although we have many level cap players, we are not solely a "raiding kin".  We participate in all aspects of the game including character building, questing, crafting, PvP and raiding.  Whether you like to solo or group up often, we are there to assist you in your endevours.  Having fun and learning as we go are our goals whether we're just hanging around town or participating in the latest game content. We also share an in-game allies channel with friends. You've probably seen our members on Windfola, now on Arkenstone, server.

  We also have many guides on our site(up to level 65, Mirkwood Expansion) for every level, class, race, zone and much more! If you feel you are interested in joining Aragorn's Allies, please fill out our easy application. Or, If you would like to join or want more information about Aragorn's Allies send an ingame messege to any member or officer, and let them know you would like to join. 

  Experience the adventure of Aragorn's Allies!

                                      "This is Your Kinship Too!" ~Kaster