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Music 101

Question: How do I play music?

Answer: Follow these instuctions:

1) Start off with opening your documents and creating a folder called:

The Lord of the Rings Online

2) In that folder, create another folder called: Music

3) Go to either of these links below to search for songs.

       Songlink 1: thefatlute.ed

      Songlink 2: *This site has some crazy music in the background, but you can pause it, whew!

4) Scroll down to the Song Links, there you can find a song you want to play, copy the text given for the song, and paste it into a NEW text document, name it something that reminds you of the song, no spaces, and save in the music folder you created.

5) Equip a lute you'll buy from a bard.

6) Type /music

 ...that gets you ready to play.

7) Type /play (songname) the song will then start playing.

Note: When playing a song with a group - type /play (songname) sync, when everyone is ready, the leader will type /playstart

If you know a little about plugins you may want to download Songbook *Be sure to read under "Installation" if you are not already familiar with plugins. 

If you know a little about pianos or would like to know more details, you may be interested in having a look at this site  it shows how to arrange your keymapping, to seem as if playing on a piano.

Grats! Now you're a rock star,