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Lore-master non-combat pets

Guide to Non-Combat Pets for Lore-masters

      The Book 11 patch introduced new pets for lore-masters - the lynx, and some on the more cuddly side. This is a guide to the non-combat pets introduced in this book.


  • Must have completed Book 2 of the epic series
  • Must be at least Level 24, preferably much higher
  • Must have the passive skill/trait "Friend of the Wild," granted after completing a 3-part quest given by Radagast the Brown.

The Quest:

  • New Title: "Friend of the Wild"
  • New Passive Skill: "Friend of the Wild"
  • New Skill: "Rabbit-Speech"

The Pets:

      The tomes seem to be occasionally found as loot on Boss mobs, such as the Goblin-town, Barad Gularan, Helegrod and Carn Dum bosses, and so on. They also have a rare chance to drop from high-level humanoid mobs throughout the world. Some tomes can be bought from reputation vendors.

    • Hare: Obtained by quest given by Radagast the Brown
    • Sparrow: Reputation item from the Elves of Rivendell (requires Kindred standing)
    • Turtle: Reputation item from the Mathom Society (requires Ally standing)
    • Dog: World drop 
    • Cat: World drop
    • Frog: World drop
    • Fox: World Drop
    • Snake: World drop
    • SquirrelWorld drop 

Things you should know about your pet:

  • You can rename your small pet by clicking on them and typing /pet rename [petnamehere] *or you can right click on the pet vitals(no actual vitals, just a box that indicates you are selected on the pet), and use the pet menu.
  • Your non-combat pet will replace your regular combat pets if you have it out, so be sure to de-summon your non-combat pet before you plan to fight!
  • You cannot have both non-combat and combat pets out at once.