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How to Earn Turbine Points

How to Earn Turbine Points

Updated for the November Update

Looking for more Turbine Points, without spending real life money? In this article we’ll look at the specific ways to earn TP in-game, how much you can earn in the free “starter” zones and what you can do if you need more.

The Great TP Search

In LOTRO Free-to-Play, Turbine Points are awarded for several achievements, most commonly from deeds.

Zone Quest Deeds 10 First rank
10 Second rank (advanced)
15 Third rank (final)
Exploration Deeds 5 * note: a few exploration deeds pay 10 TP
Slayer Deeds 5 First rank
10 Second rank (advanced)
Reputation Deeds 5 Acquaintance
10 Friend
15 Ally
20 Kindred
Racial Trait Deeds 5 Enmity I
10 Enmity II
15 Enmity III
Class Trait Deeds 5 Regular class traits
10 Eriador legendary class traits
20 Mines of Moria legendary class traits
Gift Box Quests 20 Level 20 quests (2 @ 10 TP ea)
40 Level 30 quests (4 @ 10 TP ea)
40 Level 40 quests (4 @ 10 TP ea)
Epic Quest Deeds 20 Volume 1, Books 1-8
20 Volume 1, Books 9-15
10 Volume 2, Books 1-6
10 Volume 2, Books 7-9
5 Volume 2 Epilogue
5 Volume 3 Foreword
Social Deeds 10 Hidden and Meta deeds

Earning Enough for Your First Purchases

One common concern is earning enough for the riding skill and first quest pack before the free content runs dry. With the November Update, the Lone-lands Quest Pack is now included in the free content. This means you can get to level 34 or so before needing to purchase a quest pack.

Below is a list of TP that is possible (although challenging) to earn in the free zones with a level 34 character. As you can see, this will give you plenty for the Riding Skill (95 TP) and your first quest pack, especially if you wait for a sale.

150 The Shire Zone Deeds  
130 Ered Luin Zone Deeds  
255 Bree-land Zone Deeds Including Haudh Iarchith deeds
180 Lone-lands Zone Deeds  
50 Kindred with Men of Bree Repeatable rep quests open at level 20 now
15 Friend with Mathom Society Quest in The Shire and turn in Gift Mathoms. Regular Mathoms can be turned in starting at level 30.
50 Kindred with the Eglain  
10 Level 13 Race Traits 5 TP each
10 Level 19 Race Trait  
15 Level 25 Race Trait  
5 Level 30 Race Trait  
25 Level 10 Class Traits 5 TP each
35 Level 20 Class Traits 5 TP each
20 Level 20 Gift Box 10 TP per quest
40 Level 30 Gift Box 10 TP per quest
Total: 990*
*It may also be possible to earn TP by completing Task deeds. We'll add these later as we get more information.

More Ways to Get More

Doing all the deeds available to level 25 is just one way to earn TP. Here are some others:
  • Subscribe for a month. This may seems counter to the Play-for-Free philosophy, but subscribing for a month lets you keep many per-character unlocks that'd you otherwise finding yourself grinding TP for, like inventory bags, trait slots, auction house slots, gold cap removal, and the quested Basic Riding skill. When your subscription lapses you keep these on all characters that unlocked them while you were a subscriber. Your account will be downgraded to Premium status, so take note: new characters created after the downgrade will subject to Premium limits. As an added benefit, subscribers get 500 TP per month in addition to what they earn in-game.
  • Buy some TP in the LOTRO Store. If you are on a Free account, your first purchase will upgrade you to a Premium account. Zing! You now have 3 character slots, 5 auction house sell slots, a higher gold limit and a higher login priority. Plus some annoying chat, mail and trade limits are gone.
  • Level an alt. The TP on your account is shared between characters, so the TP you earn on your alt can be used by your main character. If you are short on character slots, you can earn TP with a character on another server. Note that while this seems possible based on Turbine statements, it can’t be verified in Beta.
  • Higher level players will want to stare at their deed logs for low-hanging TP fruit just waiting to be plucked, especially low-level or nearly-complete deeds.
  • While there are no retroactive points granted for deeds completed prior to F2P launch, there are some new reputation deeds have been added. If you've already met the reputation requirements the new deeds autocomplete when you log in your characters after F2P launch and you'll receive any rewards, including TP, automatically.

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