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Crafting for Max Level Players

Crafting for Max Level Players

The gear and consumables you can make by crafting are quite useful in LOTRO, even at level 65. But is it worth the trouble to master a craft? Which crafts are best for items you will use at level 65, and which ones make the best items to sell to other players?

Is It Worth It?

For players who enjoy crafting or mastered a craft while leveling, the answer is "yes". Depending on your craft, you'll be able to make consumables (food, scrolls, potions, hope tokens, traps, oils, shield spikes, etc.), gear or even legendary items.

For players who reach max level without crafting, the decision is tougher. You're unlikely to be able to craft everything you need for yourself anyway, and it may be cheaper to simply buy what you need rather than learning a craft. But there's a catch.

The Gold Relic Gotcha

The top-tier "gold" relics for your level 65 legendary items are only available via crafting. These are Bind On Acquire, meaning you'll need to make your own if you want them. To make them, you'll need to reach Supreme rank and Kindred reputation with one of the crafting guilds.

Since the same gold relics are available to all of the production crafts, we recommend Cooking. Cooking is by far the fastest and cheapest craft to master since most of the materials come from farming. If you can't stand the tedium of farming, hire a low-level player to grow your grains and veggies for you.

Be sure to join the Cooks Guild (in Michel Delving near the superior oven) and stockpile the components for guild reputation "feasts" as you level. You can raise Cook from novice to Supreme Master in an afternoon, but the turnins to achieve Kindred status with the Cooks Guild will have to be made over a couple of weeks due to cooldowns on the reputation item recipes. As an added benefit, having a Supreme Master cook can keep you supplied with the best foods in the game.

Crafted Gold RelicsStats
Sealed Symbol of Battle +390 Melee Critical Rating, +390 Melee Offence Rating
Sealed Symbol of Accuracy +390 Ranged Critical Rating, +390 Ranged Offence Rating
Sealed Symbol of Tactics +390 Tactical Critical Rating, +390 Tactical Offence Rating
Sealed Symbol of Vigour +390 Outgoing Healing Rating, +390 Tactical Critical Rating

Crafting for Consumables

In addition to Cook, Scholar and Jeweler are popular choices for their ability to produce consumables used in instances and raiding. Crafting can ensure a good supply of affordable consumables, with some left over to sell to other players. Some Supreme tier recipes require Kindred standing with your crafting guild or reputation with a particular faction, like Galadhrim, to obtain.

All Classes

Food and Drink x

Hope Tokens



Repair Anvils

Scrolls of Warding/Battle

Class Specific
Dust/Caltrops/Marbles (Burglar)

Enamels/Inlays (RK)

Lute Strings (Minstrel) x

Oils (Hunter, Warden)

Pet Food (Lore-master) x

"Rezz Weed" (Lore-master)

Shield Spikes (Guardian, Warden)

Traps (Hunter)



Crafting for Gear

At max level, there are so many good gear choices from quests, instances and raids that crafted gear isn't necessary. The "gear" crafts (Metalsmith, Weaponsmith, Jeweller, Tailor) tend to be so expensive to master that buying a few nice pieces on the AH is still far cheaper than mastering the craft. If you have several alts, mastering Jeweler could be worthwhile, as every character has seven jewelry slots.

Crafting Legendary Items

Another possible exception to the gear rule is crafted Legendary Items. If you are trying to find a legendary item with a specific combination of legacies, consider crafting them. Crafted LIs get one more legacy on ID than dropped ones, thus increasing your chances of getting the right legacies. Weaponsmith and Woodworker get the most recipes for legendary items.


Tools Dagger, mace, sword Club

Axe, dagger, great axe, great sword, halberd, mace, sword Club, great club, great hammer, hammer, spear
Champion Rune

Axe, dagger, great axe, great sword, mace, sword Club, great hammer, hammer, spear

Axe, dagger, great axe, great sword, mace, sword Club, great club, great hammer, hammer, spear

Axe, dagger, mace, sword Bow, club, crossbow, hammer, spear



Dagger, mace, sword Club
Rune-keeper Rune-stone



Axe, dagger, mace, sword Club, hammer, javelin, spear

Crafting for Cash

The items that sell well are the very same items you likely need as well at max level: food, tokens, scrolls, jewelry and legendary items to name a few. Study the market on your server to see what the opportunities are for your crafting profession. Another opportunity is to use your gathering skills and sell materials to other crafters: ore, hides, scholar materials and farmed goods can sell quite well.

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