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Stats for Healing

Stats for Healing

Healing Specialist

The Siege of Mirkwood expansion brought profound changes to how the size of a heal is calculated in LOTRO. Before I explain how it works, let me make some general recommendations for making your heals bigger:
  • Get as much Will as you can without sacrificing too much survivability.
  • If you are over level 50, get as many ranks of Tactical Healing Rating as you can on your class legendary item.
    • You will heal for more with a level 65 third age class item than a level 60 first age due to more ranks of THR, and the option to slot Symbol of Vigour relics
  • Spend legendary points first on THR, then on legacies that boost the majority of your heals: Healing & Motivation %, Healing %, Healing-Over-Time %, Vocal Skills Healing %
  • Don't decrease base heal size in favor of critical chance. Base heal size improves every heal, and it's a key component of crit size anyway
Your level affects the size of your heals, as represented by Healing Implement Rank in your stats panel. Heal Impl. Rank the "level-up" stat for healing: the higher it is, the more potent your heals are. Until level 50, it matches the player's level. After level 50 Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Captain and Lore-master can continue to increase it via ranks of Tactical Heal Rating (THR) on their class legendary items: minstrel songbook, rune-keeper satchel, captain emblem, and lore-master book. Higher level and better quality legendary class items have more ranks of THR. On average each rank increases the size of direct heals by about 1.15% - 1.9% per rank, and heals-over-time by less than 1%.

Outgoing Healing Rating (OHR) increases the size of all your heals by a fixed percentage. It is derived from Will, plus direct gear bonuses. Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Captain and Lore-master get 10 OHR per Will; Wardens get 4 OHR per Will; all other classes get 1 OHR per Will. The cap for Outgoing Heal percentage from OHR is 30%.

In-Combat Power Regen (ICPR) is often an important stat for healers. In Mirkwood, the ICPR from Fate increased by about 20%, although it still suffers some from diminishing returns. The current Fate-to-ICPR formula is: 30 * SquareRoot(Fate). ICPR is available from direct bonuses on gear and relics as well.

Heals can Critical and Devasting Critical (aka "supercrit"). Your chance for heal criticals is your Tactical Effect Critical Chance stat. It's possible to increase the frequency of crits, as well as the magnitude of the critical portion of the heal through Fate and direct bonuses. Don't trade away stats like Will that improve your base heal size for crits, however - you may decrease your overall healing. Base heal size improves every heal, including crits.

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