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Leveling Guide to North Downs

Leveling Guide to North Downs

Levels 21-34
Content Pack: VIP or North Down Quest Pack
North Downs Quest Pack includes:
Leveling in North Downs hasn't been "smoothed" yet (it's planned) and looking for fellows to complete the large number of group quests can bog your leveling down. Still, some leveling in North Downs is highly recommended, as completing 45 quests in North Downs awards one rank of Empathy and two ranks of Loyalty, both strong survivability virtues. Which quests should you do and which should you skip?
LOTRO Amon Raith in North Downs

Drop any group quests you can't readily find a fellowship for, unless you really want one of the rewards. Instead, alternate content with The Lone-lands (22-32) until you complete your 45 quests.
  • Skip the quests from Trestlebridge and Amon Raith that start around level 22. These levels are better in Lone-lands and you won't need these quests to complete the 45 quests deed.
  • Make your way to Esteldin around level 25. Be sure to get the stable points for Amon Raith and Esteldin. Quest in the Kingsfell area (quests come from Esteldin, Gatson's Farm and Meluinen).
  • Around level 28, Othrikar is a good alternative when Lone-lands gets slow.
  • After you finish Lone-lands around level 32, there are still quests from Esteldin and Rusfold for Dol Dinen and the areas east of Esteldin.

Free and Premium Tactics

Free and Premium players will likely want to purchase only one of these two zones. If you do all the quests and deeds in the zone, Lone-lands will take you to about level 34, while North Downs will take you to 38 or so. Either way you'll need a bridge zone, like Evendim or Trollshaws to get you to the level 40+ content or you can skirmish through the gap. Certainly complete the epic quests and easy ranks of reputation in either case.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

LOTRO North Downs Map[click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests hubs for North Downs in progression (from A to J) and some points of interest (1 to 13).

Quest Hubs in North Downs

 LocLevelsQuest HubVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
A 18.0S, 53.6W 21-24 Trestlebridge x x x x Crafting facilities
B 12.6S, 52.8W 21-26 Amon Raith

C 13.1S, 55.3W 22-28 Mincham's Camp x

D 10.3S, 45.5W 25-27 Gatson's Farm

E 9.6S, 47.6W 29 Ost Lagoros

F 9.6S, 41.5W 25-35 Esteldin x x x x Bard, class trainers, crafting facilities, vault, Rangers of Esteldin faction reps, repeatable level 55+ IXP quests
G 13.7S, 44.9W 26-29, 32+ Meluinen x x

Lore-master trainer
H 7.1S, 45.0W 28-30 Othrikar x x x

I 9.3S, 39.9W 31-33 Rusfold

J 8.0S, 56.0W 32-33+ Free People's Camp x

Quests for Fornost instance

Points of Interest in North Downs

1 Skirmish Camp 9.4S, 43.0W Near Esteldin
2 Stone Marker 9.3S, 46.3W Starts [25] Heritage of Gilmar quest
3 Camp Site 12.5S, 38.5W Near Dol Dinen
4 Camp Site 6.1S, 55.3W Near Fornost
5 Reflecting Pool 17.8S, 54.2W In Trestlebridge
6 Reflecting Pool 9.4S, 41.2W In Esteldin
7 Amon Raith 12.6S, 52.8W For The Western Ruins deed
8 Minas Vrun 11.4S, 51.2W For The Western Ruins deed
9 Ost Nuaran 8.0S, 53.2W For The Western Ruins deed
10 Falconer's Tower 8.7S, 53.4W For The Western Ruins deed
11 Norbury Gates 8.8S, 55.2W For The Western Ruins deed
12 Glirost 9.7S, 59.3W For The Western Ruins deed
13 Tham Lorn 11.2S, 59.2W For The Western Ruins deed


Virtue Deeds in North Downs

Completing Of Glories Long Past (Final) in North Downs awards one rank of Empathy and two ranks of Loyalty, both strong survivability virtues. Everyone will also want to complete Orc Slayer (Advanced) for a rank of Justice (another survivability virtue). In addition,

  • Tactical classes (Rune-keepers, Lore-masters and Minstrels) will want to complete The Western Ruins for a rank of Wisdom.  
  • Hunters will want to complete Warg Slayer (advanced) for a rank of Determination.


Quest Of Glories Long Past Empathy
Complete 15 Quests Everyone
Quest Of Glories Long Past (Final) Loyalty
Complete 45 Quests Everyone
Exploration The Western Ruins Wisdom
Find 7 Points of Interest Tactical Classes
Slayer Warg Slayer (Advanced) Determination
Kill 270 Wargs Hunters
Slayer Orc Slayer (Advanced) Justice
Kill 270 Orcs Everyone

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can earn in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful while leveling and are easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

The Epic Story and North Downs

Volume I, Book 3 of  of the epic story takes part in North Downs, and most chapters can be soloed. Visit Halbarad at level 32 or so to get started. He's in Esteldin, behind the door located at 9.4S, 41.2W.

Crafting and North Downs

LOTRO Esteldin Crafting Hall

North Downs offers excellent gathering zone, offering primarily Tier 3 resources: Rich Iron and Gold ore, Yew logs, Sturdy hides and Antique vases. The exceptions are The Greenway and Amon Raith areas, which have Tier 2 resources (Barrow-iron and Silver ore, Ash logs, Medium hides and Broken Urns) and small pockets of Tier 4 ore and wood gathering among the highest level mobs in the zone, such as in Dol Dinen.

The Crafting Hall in Esteldin is a great facility with with superior workbenches, vault-keeper and mailbox all in one room.  Esteldin is also home to the Tailor, Jeweler and Woodworker Crafting Guilds.  If one of these if your primary profession, be sure to join once you've reach Expert proficiency.  You'll find the quest giver in the Esteldin Crafting Hall.

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