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Leveling Guide to the Misty Mountains

Leveling Guide to the Misty Mountains

Lord of Rings Frost Giant in Misty Mountains
Levels 40-50
Content Pack: VIP or Misty Mountains Quest Pack
Misty Mountains Quest Pack includes:
  • 70+ quests
  • 26 deeds
  • Goblin-town public dungeon
  • Helegrod Drake Wing 12-man raid
  • Helegrod Giant Wing 12-man raid
  • Helegrod Spider Wing 12-man raid
  • Helegrod Dragon Wing 24-man raid
  • 170 TP from zone deeds
North of Rivendell lie the snowy wilds of Misty Mountains. You'll want to complete at least 30 quests here for the great virtues awarded by the quest deeds in this zone. Completing quests from Gloin's Camp (level 40) and Volume 1, Book 5 (level 42) will give level or two of XP. Alternate with Angmar or hunt for legendary pages for these levels.

Come back around level 45 for good questing in the High Pass area. With the addition of stable masters at Gloin's Camp and Hrimbarg, these quests are a pretty attractive choice for 2 or 3 levels in the 45 to 48 range.

Finally consider going "down, down" to Goblin Town for levels 49-50, especially if you haven't experienced this content before or you are a fan of "The Hobbit". You'll need a small fellowship for some of the quests, but it is fun and immersive.

Instances in Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains is also home to Helegrod, a cluster of scalable level 50-65 raid instances. With Free-to-Play came new options for radiance armor sets, and Helegrod offers one of the best.

Quest Hubs and Points of Interest

Lord of Rings Map of Misty Mountains
[Click map to enlarge]

This map shows the quests nodes for the Misty Mountains in progression (from A to F) and some points of interest (1 to 6).

Quest Hubs in Misty Mountains

 LocLevelsQuest HubVendorStableMailboxMilestoneNotes
A 30.1S, 4.4W 39-45 Rivendell
Auctioneer, barber, bard, class trainers, crafting facilities, Elves of Rivendell faction reps, item-master, vault-keeper
B 24.9S, 3.8W 41-45 Gloin's Camp
A couple of quests in the passage (Imdolen) from Rivendell as well
C 19.1S, 2.8W 45 Sigurn's camp site.

Quests for Helegrod. Additional quests for Helegrod come from Rivendell.
D 23.3S 4.3E 45-46 High Pass


E 24.3S 6.9E 47-48 Hrimbarg

F 21.0S, 6.1E 49-50 Goblin Town

Points of Interest in Misty Mountains

1 Skirmish Camp 30.1S, 6.3W Rivendell
2 Camp Site 19.1S, 2.9W Northern Bruinen Source
3 Reflecting Pool 29.5S, 3.8W In Rivendell
4 Cirith Imladris 25.4S, 3.5W For "The High Passes" deed
5 Rakhas-bizar 27.1S, 2.7E For "The High Passes" deed
6 Whitcleft 24.3S, 0.2E For "The High Passes" deed

Virtue Deeds in Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains is a strong zone for earning virtues while leveling. Complete 30 quests in the zone for one rank of Empathy and two of Innocence. Group up for Warg Slayer and Troll Slayer - it will go faster and the trolls drop good coin. Skip the trolls if you don't want to group up, you'll get other opportunities to earn Valour later.

Quest Peril of the Mountains (advanced) Empathy
Complete 20 quests Everyone
Quest Peril of the Mountains (final) Innocence
Complete 30 quests Everyone
Exploration The High Passes Wisdom
Explore 3 place Tactical Classes (Lore-master, Minstrel, Rune-keeper)
Slayer Warg-slayer (Advanced) Justice
Kill 360 Wargs Everyone
Slayer Troll Slayer (Advanced) Valour
Kill 240 Trolls Everyone
Slayer Snow Beast Slayer (Advanced) Determination
Kill 360 Snow-Beasts Hunters

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the virtues you can earn in this zone - specifically the ones you'll find useful while leveling and are relatively easy to get. You may want to return later to earn more. See Choosing Your Virtues for more information.

Legendary Deeds in Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains is one of the zones where pages drop from humanoids for your Legendary Trait deeds. Be sure visit your class trainer at level 39 and buy the books that start the deeds. You'll need to visit Rivendell to advance the deed, but then any humanoids you kill in Misty Mountain could drop one of the bottom four pages for one of your deeds.

The Epic Story and Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains are the setting for Volume I, Book 5, which gives good XP at level. Now that all of Volume 1 can be soloed, this is a good addition to your leveling plan.

Crafting and Misty Mountains

Lord of Rings Mammoths in Misty Mountains

Most areas in Misty Mountains have plentiful Tier 4 gathering: Dwarf-iron and Platinum deposits, Lebethron branches and Pristine hides from lynxes, bears and mammoths. Tier 4 scholar relics, Forgotten Texts, can be found at Gabilazan (28.0S, 0.8E) and The Bitter Stair (17.9S. 2.2W).

The High Pass area is a good place to collect Tier 5 Ancient-iron and Ancient-silver ore, Black Ash wood and Exceptional hides. The closest crafting facilities are in Rivendell.

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