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Managing Your Legacies

Managing Your Legacies

Updated for Update 2

The real power of legendary items lies in legacies: class-specific bonuses designed to amplify your class skills and traits. Which legacies appear on a given item are random, drawn from the major and minor categories (formerly pools) for the item’s class and type at identification and reforge.

New in Update 2 is the ability to replace a legacy with one taken from another legendary item. This means it is now possible to build a legendary item with the legacies you want. Let’s take a closer look.

Legacies on ID

When you identify an legendary item at a forge-master, you get 3 random legacies from the major category for that item (see Legacies by Class). Each legacy modifies a class skill or trait. While you can now replace class legacies, you'll save yourself some effort if you start with an LI that has at least some of the major legacies you want.

Each legacy has a tier (1 to 6, represented by icons) and a rank (varies, usually 1 to 9). Until you are familiar with the tier icons, hover over the icon to see the tier. The tier represents the quality of the legacy - the higher the tier, the fewer legacy points are required per rank. As you increase ranks, the magnitude of the legacy effect increases.

Legacies on Reforge

Every 10 IXP levels, you must reforge your legendary item before it can continue to gain IXP. If the item being reforged is level 10, 20 or 30, you will be given a choice of two new legacies to add, usually from the item’s minor category. There is still a small chance of getting a major legacy on reforge.

If the item is level 40 or higher, on reforge you will be given a choice of two existing legacies to upgrade. Upgrading a legacy raises its tier, which means it will require fewer legacy points to rank up. Focus on your most important legacies first.

Scrolls of Empowerment

Another way to upgrade the tier of a legacy is to apply a Scroll of Empowerment (for LIs level 65 and below) or a Lesser Scroll of Empowerment (for LIs 6o and below). These scrolls will raise the tier of the selected legacy by one.

While you’ll get these as rewards for completing chapters of the Volume 2, Book 9 Epiloque and Volume 3, Books 1 and 2 of the epic story, you can barter for more:
  • Lesser Scroll of Empowerment
    • 816 skirmish marks at any skirmish camp
    • 75 Medallions of Lothlorien in Caras Galadhon (Lothlorien)
  • Scroll of Empowerment
    • 1950 skirmish marks at any skirmish camp
    • 1560 skirmish marks + 1 Superior Third Mark at any skirmish camp
    • 75 Medallions of Dol Guldur in Ost Galadh (Mirkwood)
    • 70 Silver Tokens + 35 Gold Tokens of the Wild at Lhanuch or Harndirion (Enedwaith)
    • 50 Medallions of North-men at Harndirion (Enedwaith)
As of Update 2, Scrolls of Empowerment will also be sold in the LOTRO store.

Legacy Replacement Scrolls

Legacy replacement scrolls come in two flavors: class specific legacies and stat legacies.

Class Specific Legacies

You can replace an unwanted legacy with another class legacy of the same class, type (melee weapon, ranged weapon or class item) and category (major or minor), by applying a class-specific legacy replacement scroll. The replacement legacy will start at tier 2.

To create a legacy replacement scroll, you must deconstruct an LI that has the desired legacy and has been leveled to at least IXP level 30. You will be prompted to choose a legacy to extract and will receive a scroll with that legacy in decon results. Currently on Bullroarer these are tradeable, so the AH may be another source when Update 2 goes live.

Stat Legacies

You can also replace any legacy with a Legacy of Lesser [Stat] (for LIs level 60 and below, starts at Tier 2) or a Legacy of [Stat] (for LIs 65 and below, starts at Tier 4). The stats available are Agility, Fate, Might, Vitality and Will.

Again, you’ll get a couple of these as rewards for completing chapters of the Volume 2, Book 9 Epiloque and Volume 3, Books 1 and 2 of the epic story. You can also barter for more:
  • Legacy of Lesser [Stat]
    • 25 Medallions of Moria in Twenty-first Hall (Moria)
  • Legacy of [Stat]
    • 25 Medallions of Dol Guldur in Ost Galadh (Mirkwood)
    • 15 Medallions of North-men at Harndirion (Enedwaith)

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