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Leveling Plan for 51-60

Leveling Plan for 51-60

LOTRO Moria orc
You must purchase the Mines of Moria expansion to raise the level cap from 50 to 60 and to get access to the Moria zones. Also included with "MoM" are the Rune-Keeper and Warden classes, legendary items and Supreme tier crafting.

With the level cap raised, you can continue to level in Eriador or head into Moria. The mobs hit harder in Moria, so many players tack on a level or two in Eregion, or by completing Volume 1 of the epic story, before entering.

You progress through Moria zone by zone, starting with The Great Delving, then Silvertine Lodes, Durin's Way, Zelem-melek, The Water-works, Redhorn Lodes, Nud-Melek, Flaming Deeps and ending with the Foundations of Stone. You don't need to do every quest to get to 59 or so, when you can start Lothlorien, so skip any quests that are bogging you down.

At level 59, you can start running quests (sooner with a partner) in the Dimril Dale area of Lothlorien. You need to achieve Acquaintance standing with the Galadhrim to cross the Nimrodel without being shot on sight by archers stationed along the border of the Golden Wood. Volume II, Books 6 to 8 of the epic story pay a lot of Galadhrim reputation, as do repeatable quests.

New Content for 51-60

ContentQuests, deeds and TPClassic and Skirmish Join
MoM expansion
300+ quests (levels 51-60)
plus Volume 2, Books 1-8
[51-53] The Great Delving
[52-55] Silvertine Lodes
[52-58] Durin's Way
[53-56] Zelem-melek
[55-56] The Water-works
[55-56] Redhorn Lodes
[56-58] Nud-Melek
[56-57] Flaming Deeps
[58-60] Foundations of Stone

143 deeds
405 TP from zone deeds
735 TP from instance deeds
Classic Join:
[54] The Forgotten Treasury (6-man)
[56] The Grand Stair (6-man)
[59] The Forges of Khazad-dum (6-man)
[59] Hall of Crafting (6-man)
[60] The Water Wheels - Nala-dum (3-man)
[60] The Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar (3-man)
[60] Fil Gashan (6-man)
[60] Skumfil (6-man)
[60] The Sixteenth Hall (6-man)
[60] Dark Delvings (6-man)
[60] Filikul (12-man raid)
[60] The Vile Maw (12-man raid)
[60] Dar Narbugud (12-man raid)
MoM expansion
90+ quests (levels 59-60)
17 deeds
135 TP from zone deeds

New Options for Character Improvement

With the newly scaled Annuminas and Helegrod instances come new options for acquiring the radiance armor needed for several raid encounters in LOTRO. In summary, your options for 51-60 are:
  • Level 55 Annuminas set (60 radiance total)
  • Level 60 Lothlorien 3-piece set (45 radiance total)
  • Level 60 Helegrod set (60 radiance total)
  • Level 60 Vile Maw set (80 radiance total)
  • Level 60 Dar Nugbugud set (120 radiance total)
See How Radiance Works for more info.

Legendary Traits [55] Earning Kindred standing with the Iron Garrison Guards lets you purchase yet another legendary trait.
[58] The level 58 class quest awards another legendary trait and is well worth doing while in Moria.
Legendary Items [51] Every level 51+ quest now rewards item experience (IXP) for leveling your legendary items.

The Epic Story

Volume II

BookStarts WithRepeatable Chapters (Pool)
[52-53] Book 2: Echoes in the Dark Tulk in Durin's Threshold Chap 7: The Empty Passage (21st Hall)
[54-56] Book 3: The Lord of Moria Brogur in the Chamber of Leadership Chap 7: The White Hand in the Darkness (21st Hall)
[56-57] Book 4: Fire and Water Bosi in the Chamber of the Crossroads Chap 7: The Drowned Treasury* (21st Hall)
[58-59] Book 5: Drums in the Deep Broin in the Peaceful Path Chap 3: Mazog (21st Hall)
Chap 5: The Battle of the Deep-way* (21st Hall)
Chap 5: The Battle of the Way of Smiths* (21st Hall)
Chap 5: The Battle of the Twenty-First Hall* (21st Hall)
[60] Book 6: The Shadowy Abyss Bosi in the Chamber of the Crossroads Chap 8: New Devilry* (21st Hall)
Chap 9: The Mirror of Galadriel (Lothlorien)
[60] Book 7: Leaves of Lorien Haldir in Lothlorien Chap 3: Sons of Leaf and Stone (Lothlorien)
Chap 7: The Lost Workshop (21st Hall)
Chap 8: The Secret Road (21st Hall)
Chap 9: The Worries of Lord Celeborn (Lothlorien)
[60] Book 8: Scourge of Khazad-dum Haldir in Lothlorien Chap 1: Escape from Rushdurinul (21st Hall or Lothlorien)
Chap 6: Return to Azanarukar (21st Hall)
* The Sage of Moria next to the Reflecting Pool offers repeatable quests that pay Marks of Victory. Exchange these for relics and tablets.

Optional Content

IXP Instances Dolven-view has 6 IXP instances you can run once a day for more IXP and relics. Some also advance Moria slayer deeds.
  • [54] The Training Hall (infused garnet)
  • [57] The Ghost-forge (infused sapphire)
  • [60] The Spider-next (infused adamant)
  • Iron Miners:
  • [54] The Mithril Slaves (infused garnet)
  • [57] The Morroval-outcasts (infused sapphire)
  • [60] The Library of Steel (infused adamant)
Reputation [51] Reputation with the Iron Garrison Guards and Miners allows you to purchase hunter/warden ports, gear and mounts.
[60] Many Lothlorien quests pay Lothlorien Silver Branches and Lothlorien Gold Leaves, which can be bartered for recipes, housing items, gear, even a horse! Barter vendors are located in Caras Galadhon, at the Vineyards of Lorien and the docks at Imlad Lalaith.
[60] Friend standing with the Galadhrim lets you enter Caras Galadhon, the city in Lothlorien, where there are many more quests.
Mirror Quests [56] Daily "mirror" quests in Durin's Way,The Water-works, Redhorn Lodes, Flaming Deeps and the Foundations of Stone pay IXP and your choice of potions.

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